Hospital owner tortured twins’ mother over disputed bills, says RAB

Golam Sarwar, the owner of Amar Bangladesh Hospital in Shyamoli, also stands accused of forcing the twins out of his clinic over disputed medical bills.

The 57-year-old man roped in Ayesha Akter, the mother of the six-month-old twins, through a broker by promising treatment on discount, RAB spokesman Commander Khandaker Al Moin said at a news briefing on Friday.

His real intent was to extract a “lot of money” from her keeping the children in intensive care at the hospital. He was operating the hospital illegally by ignoring the requisites put in place by the government.

Ayesha, a resident of Radio Colony in Savar, rushed her children Abdullah and Ahmed to Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital on Dec 31 after they caught a cold. But to her horror, she could not find an empty seat in the neonatal ICU there.

An ambulance driver took advantage of the situation and drove them to Amar Bangladesh Hospital near College Gate saying treatment there would cost less.

Sarwar struck a bill of Tk 126,000 for treating the children for six days. Ayesha requested him to lower the payment and paid Tk 50,000 in instalments, but Sarwar continued to pressurise her.

On Thursday, he drove them out of the hospital, transferred them to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, aided by a man named Shahin. One of her children died on the way. The other was admitted to DMCH in critical condition.

RAB then arrested Sarwar on Friday on charges of “causing death by negligence”.

“Sarwar suspended the children’s treatment at one point. He even physically tortured the already suffering mother and kicked them out on the street,” Moin said, mentioning that he beat her with a stick.

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CCTV footage showed Sarwar and Ayesha engaged in an argument.

Sarwar has a history of admitting patients to ICU to demand huge sums of money from relatives, according to RAB.

Speaking on Sarwar’s past, RAB revealed he has been involved in the hospital services for almost two decades since completing his higher studies in zoology. He operated five other hospitals before the latest episode and closed down some after running them for a couple of years each, according to the RAB.

His establishments included Rajarbagh’s Mohammadia Medical Services, Basabo’s Araf Diagnostic Centre, Mugda’s Momtaz Memorial Centre and Hospital, Mohammadpur’s Bangladesh Trauma Specialised Hospital and Shyamoli’s Dhaka Trauma Hospital, RAB said.

Before that, he was a broker for patients at hospitals.

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