Hong Kong Film Awards 2022 Winners, List Of Hong Kong Film Awards Winners

Hong Kong Film Awards 2022

The Hong Kong film awards have been announced, and we got a bunch of new talents in these awards. The Hong Kong Film Awards was founded in 1982. The award is considered an annual film awards ceremony in hong kong. The awards recognize achievements in various fields of filmmaking such as direction, screenplay, acting, and cinematography. The awards are the Hong Kong equivalent of the American Academy Awards.

Hong Kong Film  Awards 2022 Winners List

We have listed the winners of the Hong Kong Film Awards in the below table

S.No Award Name Winner
1 Best Film Raging Fire
2 Best Director Benny Chan for Raging Fire
3 Best Screenplay Au Kin-yee, Shum Kwan Sin for Limbo 
4 Best Actress Cya Liu for her role in Limbo 
5 Best Actor Patrick Tse for his role in Time 
6 Best Supporting Actress Fish Liew for her role in Anita
7 Best Supporting Actor Fung Ho Yeung for his role in Zero to Hero
8 Best New Performer Louise Wong for her role in Anita
9 Best Cinematography Cheng Siu-Keung for his work in Limbo
10 Best Film Editing Curran Pang for Raging Fire 
11 Best Art Director Kenneth Mak, Renee Wong for Limbo
12 Best Costume & Makeup Design Wu Lilu, Ye Jiayin, Dora Ng, Karenn Yip for Anita
13 Best Action Choreography Donnie Yen, Ku Huen Chiu, Tanigaki Kenji, Li Chung Chi for Raging Fire
14 Best Original Film Score Ryuichi Sakamoto for Love After
15 Best Original Film Song Origin of Time from One Second Champion
16 Best Visual Effects Yee Kwok Leung, Garrett K Lam, Raymond Leung Wai Man, Hung Man Shi Candy for Anita
17 Best Sound Design Tu Duu-Chih, Wu Shu-Yao for Anita

Best New Director

Kin Long Chan for Hand Rolled Cigarette
19 Best Asian Chinese Language Film American Girl by Feng-I Fiona Roan 

Hong Kong Film Awards Winners 2022

These are the details of the winners of the Hong Kong Film Awards 2022

Best Film-Raging Fire

 Benny Chan directed Raging Fire, and it was released on 2021. It is a Hong Kong Chinese action movie made before the director’s death. This movie holds a special place in everyone’s heart. This movie was the final directorial of the director before his death. The movie is about a police officer who solved many cases and was admired by other cops. One day his past comes back to haunt his present life when he gets attacked by a mysterious group of criminals while a sting operation.

Best Director- Benny Chan (Raging Fire)

Benny Chan was awarded Best Director at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards 2022. He got the best director award for the movie Raging fire. He was nominated six times for the Hong Kong film awards, and his last movie got him the e Best Director award. Unfortunately, the director died on 23 August 2020 at 58.


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Best ScreenPlay- Au Kin-yee, Shum Kwan Sin (Limbo)

The Best Screenplay award in the Hong Kong Award was received by Au Kin Yee and Shum Kwan Sin for the movie Limbo. An action thriller movie directed by  Cheang Pou-soi. The film is based on the Chinese novel Wisdom Tooth. The movie describes a police officer who recently graduated from a police academy. He and his partner, a veteran officer, struggle to solve cases and cause a series of problems instead.

Best Actress- Cya Liu (Limbo)

Cya Liu received the best actress award from the hong kong film awards 2022. She got the award for her excellent performance in the movie Limbo. Her extraordinary performance got her the award. The character played by Cya Liu was an ex-convict and a former substance abuser 


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Best Actor- Patrick Tse (Time)

Patrick Tse was awarded the Best Actor of 2022 in Hong Kong Awards for playing the role of a retired assassin who was once famous for his cutthroat skills. He can’t earn a living by retiring. So decides to partner up with the chauffeur to carry out special missions. – fulfilling the wishes of older people looking to kill themselves. When commissioned by a young girl whose parents and lover have deserted, the “Elderly’s Angel” squad finds an arresting way to complete its task.


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Best Supporting Actress- Fish Liew (Anita)

Fish Liew got the Best Supporting Actress Award in Hong Kong Film Awards. The movie Anita tells the story of Hong Kong’s missing Cantopop star Anita Mui. Fish Liew impressed the audience with her mesmerizing performance in this movie. The movie also holds a special place in the audience’s heart.


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Best Supporting Actor- Fung Ho Yeung (Zero to Hero)

The movie is based on the story of a medal-winning Paralympic athlete, So Wah Wah. It teaches the audience that even people who “lose at the starting line” can achieve success if they keep at it. Fung Ho Yeung played an essential role in the movie Zero to Hero and made 100% justice to his role. 

Best New Performer- Louise Wong (Anita)

She was awarded the best new performer in Hong Kong Awards for her appearance in the movie Anita. Louise Wong made a fantastic job on recreating the moments of Anita Mui. She is playing the role of the cantopop star. She received much appreciation for her magnificent performance in the movie.


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