Harvest Town 2.5.9 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Harvest Town APK is a pixel-graphic farm management simulation game inspired by the famous Stardew Valley on PC and consoles. The peacefulness of the scene and the variety in its gameplay will give you an unforgettable sweet experience.

Introduce about Harvest Town

The online pixel-graphic farm management simulation game in Stardew Valley-style!

Not everyone can be a farmer

When it’s chaotic, go back to your hometown to live like a farmer. Although being a farmer is not easy, at least you have a good night’s sleep after a busy day. Someone has chosen that way. That choice is not wrong, but it is only practical and truly peaceful when you have a decent amount of savings, a small property, and a lot of necessary agricultural knowledge.

But what if you still wanted that life even when you have nothing above? You can still live a busy life in a crowded city and fall into the dream of new land through sweet farming games. Not everyone becomes a farmer, but at least, you can try it in these Harvest Town-style farming games.


Harvest Town begins when our main character, who has spent a lot of time living in the city, suddenly becomes bored and wants to change his life. Luck came when he owned a small house in the countryside accompanied by a small farm given by his family. A new turn from there began.

Harvest Town has a similar opening and process to a popular farm game on PC and consoles: Stardew Valley. It is like a copy, but of course, when it comes to mobile, everything has been streamlined, the graphics also have a difference to better suit this platform and create a unique element for the game.

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I choose to play Harvest Town because of its lightness, simplicity, and simpler gameplay. Play it without thinking, and do what you like without too many specialized skills, which is the first fun of farm games.


Harvest Town does not stop being a copy of Stardew Valley, it also expands in another dimension: it is an online game that allows you to interact with other players. Whether you enjoy competing or interacting with others, the goal of every player is the same: help the protagonist integrate into a new community in his hometown, get experiences of farming, breeding, harvesting, and enjoy peaceful rural life.

Like in other farming games, your main activity in Harvest Town is still collecting farm tools, planting, harvesting delicious seasonal fruits, raising livestock and poultry, collecting Farm products, and coming to the market to sell them for money or exchange them for other items.

Along with farming, an equally important job is to renovate and build a farm. From a small, dilapidated old farm, through your skillful hands, it has become a fertile, green place with many things that can make money.

However, that is just the most basic thing to do. This rural life still has many interesting things for you to explore and integrate. Over time, you get used to the new place, make beneficial relationships, and meet lovely residents. They both set small tasks and lead you into life here.

From there, a series of fun activities will begin to take place: fishing, racing, horse racing, treasure hunting, enjoying the change of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, roaming around the village, etc. With these actions, the bond between you and the people in the village is getting closer and closer. You meet more people, find true friendships, meet the person you love, and even marry and have a small, lovely family with that person.

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Download Harvest Town APK for Android

The pixel graphics in Harvest Town are super lovely and charming. Everything happens gently, softly, and sweetly, with vivid and vibrant colors full of energy from nature and melodious background music. All together to create a quality farm management simulation game on mobile. What are you waiting for? Download Harvest Town to play right here.

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