Hand-Drawn Super Metroid-Inspired ‘Ghost Song’ Finally Lands Release Date

Ghost Song caught our eye way back in 2013 when developer Old Moon launched a Kickstarter for the project, then titled Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope. Fast forward nine years later, and publisher Humble Games has announced that the game will finally be launching on 3rd November on Switch.

The game was originally coming to PC first, with consoles to follow at a later date — and Nintendo’s then-console the Wii U wasn’t even guaranteed — but the Super Metroid inspirations made our eyes sparkle. Focusing on atmosphere and isolation, Ghost Song blends cosmic terror with self-discovery in a beautiful, mysterious alien world.

We know the Switch is filled to bursting with Metroidvanias, but the hand-drawn art style, with beautiful, bioluminescent plants and wildlife, the creepy laboratory, and terrifying bosses set this one apart from a busy crowd. Plus, we’ve been waiting for this for ages.

Here’s a rundown of the game’s key features from Humble Bundle:

1) Discover what lies below – Explore the twisting alien tunnels and long-abandoned labs of an expansive, beautifully illustrated Metroidvania-inspired 2D world filled with secret chambers and a haunting history.

2) Power up and progress – Acquire potent weapons and game-changing new abilities in the depths, unlocking access to new strata of the moon and optional hidden areas.

3) Face challenging foes – Combat the fungal aliens and metal husks of Lorian with responsiveness and precision. Level up your power, and customize your suit and blaster with an arsenal of modules.

4) Blast and smash – Master the distinctive rhythm of Deadsuit’s core combat. Pummel enemies with your rapid-fire blaster, building up barrel heat that empowers your melee attacks.

5) You are not alone – You’re not the only entity trapped in this unfamiliar place. Encounter a cast of voiced characters and discover their own tales of survival, courage, abandonment, and redemption.

You can find out more about Ghost Song from the game’s official website. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting patiently for 3rd November when Ghost Song will haunt our Nintendo Switch.

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Are you interested in Ghost Song? Have you been following the game since its Kickstarter? Let us know!

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