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GP Minute Offer- People like to communicate with others via mobile phone. We use several way To communicate with others. By using Talktime we can communicate with our nearest and dearest friends and family. GrameenPhone plays a vital role in this sector. The GP Operator gives us some amazing minute offer.

At present the Minutes rate is so high that people do not want to use minute. However, people are looking for the perfect ways to get the price in medium level. In addition GrameenPhone has provided some Minute Offer for their subscribers. Here we introduce all GP Minute Offer in front of you.

GP Minute Offer 2022

GP is the most popular telecommunication operator in our country which has a largest customers. However, the company has not got the customers supports without cause. Grameenphone has introduced enormous offers to amuse the consumers. Their aim to provide the best offers and satisfy the customers. In addition GP provides best minute offer and pack for the subscribers. The minute price is not so high. As a result all the users can take the minute packs and happily used the packs. Lets show you GP all Minute Pack.

30 Paisa Call Rate Any Number

Pack Name Price (BDT) Validity Activation Code
10 Minutes 6 TK 6 hours *121*4024#
21 Minutes 14 TK 16 hours *121*4001#
37 Minutes 24 TK 24 hours *121*4002#
77 Minutes 53 TK 7 days *121*4004#
120 Minutes 78 TK 7 days *121*4026#
160 Minutes 99 TK 7 days *121*4006#
190 Minutes 117 TK 10 days *121*4007#
310 Minutes 199 TK 30 days *121*4018#
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GP 4 Minutes Offer

Firstly, we are going to discuss about the cheapest minute offer of GP. By dialing *121*4022# you can start GP 4 Minutes Pack.

  • Offer Name : GP Minute Offer
  • Balance : 4 Minutes
  • Price : 2.5 Taka
  • Validity : 4 Hours
  • Dial : *121*4022#
  • Balance Check : *121*1*2#

GP 6 Minutes Offer

There is another small minute pack on GP. Sometimes we need more minutes to talk with others. In this case we like to buy a small minute pack. GP 6 Minutes Offer is the best option for you.

  • Offer Name : GP Minute Offer
  • Balance : 6 Minutes
  • Price : 3.7 Taka
  • Validity : 6 Hours
  • Dial : *121*4023#
  • Balance Check : *121*1*2#

GP 10 Minutes Offer

Do you think that you need a good minute pack? Then you can take GP 10 Minutes Pack. Undoubtedly it is an amazing pack of GP. You have to cost only 6 Taka and you will get 10 Minutes.

  • Offer Name : GP Minute Offer
  • Balance : 10 Minutes
  • Price : 6 Taka
  • Validity : 6 Hours
  • Dial : *121*4024#
  • Balance Check : *121*1*2#

GP 15 Minutes Offer

If you are thinking to buy a small minute pack, then a special offer is waiting for you. Now you can get 15 Minutes by the cost 9 Takas only. The offer pack validity is 6 Hours. Remind it that you should used the minutes within this time. Are you ready to take this offer pack? Then dial *121*4060# to activate this package.

GP 16 Minutes Offer

If you think that you need more time to use the minutes, then a offer is here. GP 16 Minutes is available now where you will get 24 hours longtime validity. So, you will get 16 Minutes and 10 Takas will deduct from your balance.

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GP 70 Minutes Offer

GP Small Minute pack has over now. It is high time to show you the most needed offer for the customers. Now, a GP users can buy 70 Minutes with 4 days long validity.

  • Offer Name : GP Minute Offer
  • Balance : 70 Minutes
  • Price : 44 Taka
  • Validity : 4 Days
  • Dial : *121*4003#
  • Balance Check : *121*1*2#

GP 125 Minutes Offer Pack

A weekly minute pack is available on GP. So, you will get 125 Minutes but 78 Taka will be deduct from your mobile balance. However, this is an excellent offer for all GP Users. Whatever, you do not need to dial any code number to take the offer. Just recharge 78 Taka on your mobile balance and enjoy the offer.

GP 160 Minutes Offer

You may notice that slowly slowly we are going to discuss about bigger minutes pack. Now we are going to discuss about GP 160 Minutes Offer.

  • Offer Name : GP Minute Offer
  • Balance : 160 Minutes
  • Price : 99 Taka
  • Validity : 7 Days
  • Dial : *121*4006#
  • Balance Check : *121*1*2#

GP 330 Minutes Offer

GP provides a monthly minutes pack for the subscribers. Undoubtedly it is a big pack with a high price. If you want to use minutes for a month, the minutes pack will best choice for you. However, you have to cost 199 Taka to take this giant offer. If you are ready to take this offer, dial *121*4018# . You Pack will be activated for a month.

GP 500 Minutes Offer

Finally we are going to revealing the giant Minutes offer of GP. There are many people who used to a long talktime. Then the minute offer is the best option for you.

  • Offer Name : GP Minute Offer
  • Balance : 500 Minutes
  • Price : 298 Taka
  • Validity : 30 Days
  • Dial : *121*5074#
  • Balance Check : *121*1*2#
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In Conclusion, we have discussed all GP Minute Offer with details. You must select your pack first. Then grab the offer. Without any doubt GP is the best mobile operator in our country.

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