GP Free Facebook Offer 2024- Use Facebook Messenger & Lite Free in GP

GP Free Facebook Offer 2024- GrameenPhone has announced that their all free service like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite both are stopped on free. Now all Grameenphone Customer have to paid for using Facebook Messenger and Facebook Lite App. As a result all the GP users who are using free internet with a long time are looking for GP Free Facebook Offer. In addition we are here to describe the topics with you. So, we are going to discuss all about GP Free Facebook in this article.

GP Free Facebook Offer 2024

In 2014, GP had announced that all the users can use GP Free Facebook. However, we were very happy to heard the news. After that we started to use free Facebook. But it is a matter of sorrow that GP is going to stop all this free Facebook Service.

Are you looking for GP Free Facebook Offer ? Then you are in accurate place. Because our team is ready to share the process of GP Free Facebook.

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Reasons of Stopped Free Facebook

It was early 2014, one of my friend inform me that GP has announced that all GP users can use GP Free Facebook. After that news i became happy and started using Free Net. But it is now 2024, you may notice that at present you have to paid a specific money for activate a package. So, our Government has got a huge amount of money from Telecommunications Company. As a result they think that why they miss the vat? So, they want to income more money. Because a large number of people are using Free Facebook. Therefore they think that it is a big loss for them. Moreover, they have decided they could impose a vat for this.

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Recently a declaration comes from Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission that no operator can have free Facebook and messenger offer to its customer. According to that order Grameenphone has already stopped free Facebook offer at 12 a.m. on 18th of July 2024.

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How To Use GP Free Facebook & Messenger?

All the GP Users you have noticed that all GP Free Facebook Service has stopped. Now all of us are looking for GP Free Facebook. As a result they need proper instructions for this. In this part of our article we will show you how to use Facebook and Messenger in GP.

Use Facebook Messenger Free

Now we can easily communicate with our friends by using Facebook Messenger. So, we need to know how to use Facebook Messenger Free. For the purpose we have made an easy method for using Facebook Messenger.

Just open your internet connection and open Facebook Messenger App. But you should keep it mind that you must have to installed Facebook Messenger on your Phone.

Use Facebook Lite Free

Now you can also use Facebook Lite App free through GP. But most of us do not know about it. Facebook lite is another important app. In case of we can see our friends post in Facebook Lite. Lets know the way to use Facebook Lite Free.

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GP New Free Facebook Code

In the part of our article we are going to share the Free Facebook Code. So, all the users can start the GP Free Facebook Service by dialing this code.

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Dial *121#

GP Free Facebook New System

We are going to introduce the New GP Free Facebook System with you. We ensure you that if you try to follow all the instructions, you will success. Lets check the method.

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Last Words

GP Free Facebook is very essential for us. As a result we are searching it. We tried our best to share the easy way to use free Facebook. We hope that you must follow the instructions and use GP Free Facebook.

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