GP Call Forwarding System- Activation, Deactivation Code With Details

GP Call Forwarding System is available now in free.  All GP Customers can use this service without any purchasing.  But you need to know the process of call forwarding. However, if you do not know the system, we can help you. Just follow the post and try to do it.

What Is Call Forwarding ?

Call Forwarding is a popular service in telecommunication sector. It is a method which you can use another number when your phone number call is unreachable. Whenever, a call receivers phone switched off but the call was going another number its called Call Forwarding.

GP Call Forwarding Service is available now in free. Lets introduce you GP Call Forwarding Service.

GP Call Forwarding Activation Code

We hope that you must know what is call forwarding. Then, you must want to activate the service. Do you know how to activate Call Forwarding System on GP?

GP Gamebox Off Code

There are several system to activate this system. But the easiest and most popular system is code. By using code you can activate Call Forwarding Service.

Note : You must fix a mobile number where you want to forward your call.

Call Forward Category Activation Code Example
Call Forward when Not Reachable ** 62* Mobile Number # **62*01711594594#
Call Forward when the phone is Busy ** 67* Mobile Number # **67*01711594594#
Call Forward when there is No Reply ** 61* Mobile Number # **61*01711594594#
Call Forward All Calls ** 21* Mobile Number # **21*01711594594#
Forward All Calls *002* Mobile Number # **002*01711594594#
Forward all calls that match the 4 condition *004* Mobile Number # **004*01711594594#
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GP Call Forwarding Off Code

Suppose, you have activated GP Call Forwarding Service but you do not want to use this service. Then, you can easily deactivate the service. Dial GP Call Forwarding Off Code and deactivate the service. Remind that you will not be charged for deactivation. Here we enlisted GP Call Forwarding Off Code Service.

GP All Service Off Code

Cancel Call Forward Cancel Code
Cancel Call Forward When Not Reachable ##62#
Cancel Call Forward When the phone is Busy ##67#
Cancel Call Forward when there is No Reply ##61#
Cancel Call Forward All Calls ##21#
Cancel Forward of All Service  ##002#

Call Forwarding Status Check

Sometime we have a question on our mind that have we activated call forwarding service? However, lets remove your confusion because you can check your status. If you have already activated the service, you would notified. On the other hand, if you do not activate, you will also notify.

GP Welcome Tune Off Code

Forward Service Cancel Code
Forward When Not Reachable *#62#
Forward when the phone is Busy *#67#
Forward when there is No Reply *#61#
Forward All Calls *#21#


Call Forwarding Charge

Customers have a lots of confusion about call forwarding charge. Even, they are very interested to know about the service charge. We are going to clear the confusion in details.

There is no charge to activate and deactivate Call Forwarding Service. It means that you will not have to purchased any amount to activate and deactivate the service. However, when the call will forward, you will be charged as per mobile call rate from your balance.

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Note : If you have insufficient balance, your call will not forward.

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In Conclusion, we have discussed the most important service with you. Above all discussion you may learn GP Call Forwarding System.

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