Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra World Quest Guide


Discover the magic of Sumeru in the Agnihotra Sutra quest.

The Agnihotra Sutra World Quest in Genshin Impact is a new storyline within the latest Version 3.0 update. In this guide, we’ll help you along your journey and provide you with images to make the experience much easier.

How To Complete Agnihotra Sutra Quest

Agnihotra Sutra Quest
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The Agnihotra Sutra quest is a mandatory mission you must finish for Aranyaka: Part 2 in Genshin Impact, and it will spawn near the Dendro Statue of The Seven, shown in the image above. So, to make sure you understand what to do in this series of tasks, we’ll break down each step you must take:

  1. Talk to the Eremites and the creature, Aranakin, near the cooking pot.

    Before you set out on this task, place a Dendro user in your party because you will need one throughout the Agnihotra Sutra quest.

  2. Go to the broken elemental monument directly in front of you and use the Kusava item.

    Equip the Kusava item in your inventory and use Aranakin’s powers to clear the pathway.

    Clearing the path in Genshin Impact
  3. Hit the Clusterleaves of Cultivation with a Dendro character.

    You’ll need to travel to a specific location to drain the water during this part of the Agnihotra Sutra quest. In order to do this task, you must use Genshin Impact’s newest transportation method, the Four-Leaf Sigil, to get across.

    Using Dendro user in Genshin Impact
  4. Travel deeper into the cave using the Kusava and the Four-Leaf Sigils.
    Using the Kusava in Agnihotra Sutra quest
  5. Break the three seals to obtain the Zohrah Mushroom.

    Use the Kusava on the two seals at the end of the cave. Then, summon the Dendrograna and utilize your Dendro character to break the barrier where the third and final seal is located.

    Agnihotra Sutra Quest
  6. Defeat the enemies.

    If you have a Cyro character, now would be the best time to use them since there’s a stream of water (you can freeze them with these two elements combined.)

  7. Return to the Zohrah Mushroom by transporting your character with the Four-Leaf Sigils.
  8. Chase Lunja to get the Zohrah Mushroom and eliminate the threat.

    Hit more Clusterleaves of Cultivation with your Dendro user and jump on top of Bouncy Mushrooms to reach the designated area in the Agnihotra Sutra quest.

  9. Find Aragaru.

    You can find Aragaru near the water between Chatrakam Cave and Sumeru City in Genshin Impact.

    Sumeru City in Genshin Impact
  10. Go inside the cave next to Aragaru and use the Kusava to break the blocked area.

    Players will explore around a cave that has a few Fungi enemies they have to defeat until they find a ruin.

    Ruins in Agnihotra Sutra Quest
  11. Find three ruins: The first ruin is up the stairs, hidden by rocks.

    Use the Kusava to reveal the ruin and investigate it.

    Ruins in Genshin Impact
  12. Search for the second ruin.

    The next ruin isn’t too far from the first one, and you can see it near a group of giant mushrooms.

    Ruins in Agnihotra Sutra Quest Genshin Impact
  13. Use the Kusava on the last ruin.

    You must walk across the giant log to find the third ruin and battle more Fungi enemies.

    Clear the ruin in Genshin Impact
  14. Exit the cave and travel to the Barsam Flower location in the Agnihotra Sutra quest.
  15. Break the three seals to get the Barsam Flower.

    The first seal is within a cave that Paimon will point out, located near the Fungi with a chest. During this time, you can follow the Seelies, who will lead you where you want to go. Then, players can unleash the Kusava powers to clear the path out of the area.

    Ruins in Agnihotra Sutra Quest
  16. Go to the tunnel across from the first cave for the second ruin.

    The second ruin in this Genshin Impact quest is deep within this particular cave, and you must use the powers of the Kusava to make your way through the area.

    Agnihotra Sutra Quest Ruins
  17. Follow the two Seelies in the caves.

    The only way to get to the third seal is by following the two Seelies in the caves mentioned above. If you do this interaction, you will break the barrier that blocks you from entering the large area with the next task.

    Following the Seelies in Genshin Impact
  18. Break the final seal.

    Defeat the enemies and use the Kusava to clear out another blocked area within the cave. Eventually, you’ll have to battle a Ruin Guard to get to the third seal, so make sure to hit its core because this is their weak spot.

    Breaking the final seal in Genshin Impact
  19. Grab the Barsam Flower and go to Mawtiyama Forest to get the Yajna Grass.

    After you talk to Aranaga, you’ll have to travel up the Mawtiyama Forest for the final chapter of the Agnihotra Sutra quest. Go to the location (the arrow) shown below on the map, which has a bridge to the Yajna Grass.

    Yajna Grass in Agnihotra Sutra Quest
  20. Break three seals with the Kusava and acquire the Yajna Grass.

    In this part of the Genshin Impact mission, you’ll be provided with the locations of each seal. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use the Kusava to raise the platforms and defeat any enemies near it to reach them (utilize any Four-Leaf Sigils and Dendrograna elements.)

    Using Kusava to raise platform in Genshin Impact
  21. Wait until the moon hangs high in the sky.

    After you meet up with the creatures, select the time option in the Paimon menu and change it to 23:00 (it doesn’t have to be exact.)

  22. Adventure with Aranaga, Aranakin, and Aragaru.

    As time progresses, players will have to travel with the Aranara of Genshin Impact, unlocking three different powers of the Kusava (you’ll have to equip this updated version.) A few glowing arrows will point you to barriers you need to get rid of, and you must switch the powers of the Aranara for particular ones.

    Inside the Withering Zone in Genshin Impact
  23. Clear the Withering Zone.

    While you utilize the new Kusava, you’ll have to cleanse the Withering Zone. There will be a Seelie that will help guide you throughout this area. Moreover, use the green Aranara to break barriers, raise seals with the red creature, and the yellow one to repair elemental monuments.

    Lifting a platform in the agnihotra sutra quest

Once you finish all these steps in the Agnihotra Sutra quest, you can pat yourself on the back for completing all these tasks and get rewarded with valuable resources.

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We hope this guide helps you with the Agnihotra Sutra World Quest in Genshin Impact. For more content about the game, you can check out the relevant links below and view other missions, such as the An Unwavering Culinary Dream.

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