Friendship Day Bangla SMS- Friendship Day Special SMS Collection

Friendship Day Bangla SMS- Today is friendship day. Every year the first Sunday of the month August is celebrated as Friendship Day all over the world. We all have a friend. In this days we buy gifts for each other, share special notes and greeting cards to express our love. So, on the special day we like to share our thoughts and want to wish our friends by sending Mobile SMS. In addition we are here to give you a huge collection of Friendship Day SMS.

Friednship Day SMS

Friends means your partner who will still with you at the time of danger. A friend is very needy to our life. So this Friendship Day, go out with your friends, spend your time with them to make the happiest day of your life. And make the day in your best time with your friends.
In case, you are physically away from your best friends, don’t worry, send them these SMS and share your greetings. We have added some Friendship day SMS For you.

Life can be hard & not always fun. But as night brings dark Friendship is a promise made in the heart – silently, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time. Take care always beloved friend. Happy Friendship Day !

→ Definition of a friend:- My friend shad be My medicine wen i am in pain, My letter wen i am far, My smile wen i am sad, My hanky wen i cry, And my life wen i die. Happy Friendship Day !

→ What is real but invisible? Ur love. What is true but unfair? Ur away from me. What is sweet but invincible? Ur smile. What is precious but priceless? Ur friendship Happy Friendship Day !

→ Life can be hard & not always fun. But as night brings dark Friendship is a promise made in the heart – silently, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time. Take care always beloved friend. Happy Friendship Day !

→ A lot of people will walk in and out of Ur life but only true friends will leave footprints in Ur Heart…Value them… Happy Friendship Day !

Friendship Day New SMS

→ The wrong kind of people dislikes you 4 the good in you & The right kind of peoples like you knowing even the bad in you. That makes a Friendship strong… Happy Friendship Day !

→ Treat life as sea, heart as d seashore & FRIENDS like d waves. It never matters how many waves r there? What matters is which 1 touches d seashore. Happy Friendship Day !

→ Love is like missed call. It stops when U try 2 catch. But Friendship is like sms Bcoz it comes & stays inside Ur Inbox until U delete it. So its up to u 2 keep & value a friend! Happy Friendship Day !

→ Friendship is like a bank in which u have to Deposit love, sympathy, trust, help & joy. and as Interest you will get companion for lifetime! Happy Friendship Day !

→ Friendship is not about finding similarities, it is about respecting differences. You are not my friend coz you are like me, but because i accept you and respect you the way you are. Happy Friendship Day !

Happy Friendship Day Bangla SMS

Friendship is a sweet and wonderful bonding between two or more people. Celebrating Friendship Day with this bond and makes the day special.

We are Bangladeshi. As a Bangladeshi we have a lots of emotion in love. However, the love can be between two friends. As a result we love our friends very much and try to share our love and emotion with them with our own language.

গোলাপ যদি লাল হয়, মেঘ হয় কালো,
পাখি যদি গান গায়, সূর্য দেয় আলো,
তুমি যদি বন্ধু হও বাসবো অনেক ভালো ।
” হ্যাপি ফ্রেন্ডশিপ ডে “

Bangla Friendship Day SMS For Girls

Are you want to send some special SMS to your Girl Friends ? Then copy the SMS from the list and send them SMS.

বন্ধু মানে দুটি হৃদয়ের টান
বন্ধু মানে একটু অভিমান
বন্ধু মানে সুখ দুঃখের গান
বন্ধু মানে দুইটা জীবন আর একটা যেন প্রান ।
” হ্যাপি ফ্রেন্ডশিপ ডে “

বন্ধু হবে সেই রকম
পড়বে মনে যখন-তখন
সে হবে খুব আপন,
বুঝবে আমায় মনের মতন
রাখবো তাকে নিজের করে
যাবে না সে আমায় ছেড়ে ।
” শুভ বন্ধু দিবস “

নদীর পাড়ে আমি একা
নদী চলে আঁকা বাঁকা
আমি বন্ধু বড় একা
এখন ভাবছি তোমার কথা ।
তোমার সাথে আমার কি কখনো হবে না দেখা ?
” শুভ বন্ধু দিবস “

জীবন হারিয়ে যায়, সৃতি নয়
মানুষ বদলে যায় , মন নয়
আমি হারিয়ে গেলেও, নেই ভয়
কারন বন্ধু হারিয়ে যায়, বন্ধুত্ব নয় ।
” শুভ বন্ধু দিবস “

Happy Friendship Day Banglish SMS

Most of the people want to send the SMS in Banglish front. Because of this is a big problem. However, we have added a huge collection of Happy Friendship Day Banglish SMS.

Nil chara akash sundor noy.
Dhew chara nodi sundor noy.
chad chara rat sundor noy.
bondhu chara temni jibon sondor noy.
” Happy Friendship Day

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One two three, Friendship a nai sorry.
Four five six, Bondhu 2mai kori miss.
Seven eight nine, Bondutte nei mind.
One ziro ten, How r u friend??
“Happy Friendship Day”

Good Morning SMS

Jibon Hariye Jai, Sriti Noy.
Manush Bodle Jai, Mon Noy.
Ami Hariye Geleo, Nei Voi.
Karon Bondu Hariye Jai, Bondutto Noy.
“Happy Friendship Day”

Friendship Day SMS For Boys

A new collection of Bangla Friendship Day for boys added here.

Ek sohore Love & friendship bash korto. Ek din tara rasthay hatchilo .
Hotath love drain e pore gelo, kintu friendship jump .
b’coz love is ondho & frndship is powerful!!
“Happy Friendship Day”

shomoy to onek hoy, godhulir moto noy.
chad to onek hoy, purnimar moto noy.
ritu to onek hoy, boshonter moto noy.
bondhu to onek hoy tomar moto noy…..!
“Happy Friendship Day”

Bangla Romantic SMS

bondhu amar janer jan
sms sudhu porte chan
likhte gele mon anchan
balance niye sudhu tension
ei kore sudhu taka bachan
kiptami chere sms pathan
“Happy Friendship Day”

Bangla Love SMS

Ful onek sundor, jodi sajate jano,
jibon onek rongin, jodi rangate jano,
prithibi onek opurbo, jodi dekhte jano,
bondhutto onek mojar, jodi bondhutto korte jano.
“Bondhu dibosher shuveccha”

Friendship Day Bangla SMS For Best Friends

You have a lots of friends in your life. But there is a special one who is your best friend. Since he is your best friend, you must want to share the best SMS with him. In addition we have added few Best Friend Happy Friendship Day SMS.


Manusher jibone emon kichu somoy ase,
jokhon nijeke osohay mone hoy.
tokhon nisshartho vabe ze pase daray,
se holo sottikarer bondhu.
Shuvo bondhu diobsh.


Valo bondhuke kokhono sondeho korona
karon sondeho theke jonmo ney obissash.
ar obisshaser karone venge jay
modhur moto ekti bondhutto.
“”” Happy Friendship Day””””””


Hat barale 100 bondhu pabe,
50 jon chere chole jabe,
30 jon vule jabe,
19 jon vul bujhbe,
1 jon chirodin tmr pashe roye jabe.
Sei holo tmr prokito bondhu.
Happy Friendship Day


Valo bondhu hat ar chokher moto
jokhon hat betha pay
tokhon chokh kade ar
jokhon chokh kade
hat tar osru muche dey.
” Happy friendship day “””

Last Words

At last we want to say you that just spreads your love with your friends by sharing those SMS. We hope that sending those SMS your friendship will much better. Thank you.

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