Fortnite Characters Locations Season 3 Chapter 3, Fortnite Game Wiki Details

Fortnite Characters Locations Season 3 Chapter 3

Fortnite video game season 2 chapter 3 was released on  5th June 2024. Recently game developer of this game updated the Locations of this game. More than 400million players play this game. A live stream video will be released every Sunday on the Youtube channel. Epic Games and People Can Fly game studio developed this game. This game was released in 2017 with the Microsoft Windows version, play station 4, playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch version. When you start the game, there is a mystery box you found in the first level, and after that, a map you have to collect. Through the map, you found your teammates in this game. You quickly found weapons, wood, brick and metals, and other items through character map location in this game. 

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3 Characters Locations Map List 

Characters Name  Location Name 
Lil Whip  Southeast Corner of Coney Crossroads
Rustler  Eastern Side of Shifty Shafts 
The Paradigm  Northwest of Logja Lumberyard 
The Scientist  Main building Synapse Station
The Origin  Northeast of The Dialy Bugle 
The Visitor  East of The Sanctuary 
Sunbird  Northeast of The Daily Bugle 
Guaco Greasy Grove 
Mancake  Rocky Reels 
Bao Bros  Condo Canyon
The Imagined  River southwest of Rave Cave 
Cuddle Team Leader  Outside Rave Cave 
Stash’d  Chonkers Speedway
Haven  West of Coney Crossroads 
Jonesy The First  Spawns at The Joneses 
Ludwig  Spawns at The Joneses 
Bunker Jonesy  Spawns at The Joneses 
Mullet Marauder  Spawns at The Joneses 
Metal Team Leader  Northwest of Reality Falls 
Cuddlepool  Northwest of Reality Falls 
Quackling  Northwest of Reality Falls 
Kyle  Logjam Lumberyard 
Cryptic Inside Rave Cave 
Fishstick  Sleppy Sound 
The Foundation  East of Sanctuary 
Meowscles  West of Reality Falls 
The Order  South of Condo Canyon 
Evie  East of The Daily Bugle 
Panther  Northwest of Shuffled Shrines
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Fortnite Game Season 3 Chapter 3 Locations 

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3 has already been released with exciting prizes, powerful weapons, boost items and treasures. There is a total of twenty-nine characters in this game. You have to find all of the locations of the character in this game. Some main characters like Lil Whip. She is a strong character located in the southeast area of coney crossroads. Haven is the second main character on the west side of the coney crossroads. The third main character, almighty character Rustler, is located in the eastern area of shifty shafts. Other characters are, in reality, falls, rave cave, and one of the epic location is The Joneses. You can find them when you play carefully because once your enemy attacks you, you can not reach the central location in this game. 

What are NPCs in Fortnite Game? 

So many fans and beginner players of this game want to know about NPCs in Fortnite. NPCs mean new characters of the Fornite season. In season 1 of this game, around 25 NPCs reveal their locations. In season 2, 28 NPCs are released by the game developer. Each NPCs have unique weapons and essential items. When you start the game, it’s upon you which NPC character you choose. In upcoming seasons of Fornite, there will be fewer NPCs characters. In this game, some main NPCs are Agent Jones, Scientist, Panter, and many more. 

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