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Instead of going to the gym which takes more time to travel and is also quite sensitive in this time of the covid pandemic, you can train your body at home. Then it makes much more sense to use an exercise app including a healthy eating guide and 7749 tips to stay slim as in FitOn MOD APK.

Introduce about FitOn

Keep fit, balance mental health, and get a scientific diet!

What is FitOn?

FitOn is a home exercise mobile app. If you download FitOn to your device, you will immediately have a long list of video exercises with high-quality sound and images. You can also learn a lot of unique bodybuilding exercises from celebrities and experts. And yet, there are also a series of detailed suggestions for the scientific dieting process which is not too strict but comfortable while helping you get a slim body. Even compound exercises or special diets for different exercise purposes are adequate. For example, a person who wants to gain muscle and lose fat will eat and exercise differently from someone who strictly wants to gain or lose weight.

Fitness tips from top experts

Exercise with FitOn, you will be provided with exercises for each specific purpose, according to each body part you want to be toned and neat. Like workouts for butt, thigh, abs, arm, full-body, weight maintenance, fat loss, or weight gain.

Exercises are flexibly designed according to the specific needs that you enter in the first steps of the FitOn warm-up. Accordingly, there will be many different training classes. And they are all researched and designed by top fitness trainers, Cassey Ho of Blogilates, and Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness. There will be multiple exercises in each class, each with full voice and video instructions.

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Speaking of which, I want to share a little more. I have also tried several exercise apps. But in many of them, the tutorial makes me very sad. Some only have voice-over; some don’t have video. You know, it is usually so hard for us, especially newbies, to concentrate on exercise. If the tutorial app is lacking in something and other, where is the inspiration to practice? So, when I opened the suggested exercises of FitOn full of sound and images, I felt really great.

And not only that, but the next feature also made me completely fall in love with it and decided to download FitOn to use immediately.

FitOn is the most comprehensive sports training app I’ve ever known

Anyone who has ever cared about health and weight problems knows that if you only choose one of two: exercise or diet, you can never achieve the desired body shape. These two things must always combine and go hand in hand. Each field itself requires its own comprehensiveness. For example, if you want to improve your total body strength and maintain your ideal weight and 3 measurements, you can’t just do abs but should combine many forms of detailed exercises such as push-ups, yoga, plank, cardio, meditation. The same goes for the diet, which is always a scientific low carb formula suitable for each person’s condition and each exercise of the day and one more freely-eat day. It is the combination of these factors that bring about strong health, a healthy mind, and a desirable body.

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While the applications I’ve tried are always missing one or more items in the above comprehensive process, FitOn shows its full wisdom when it has all the above details, with a series of useful features like:

  • Hundreds of video tutorials so users can listen, watch and exercise with celebrities
  • Exercise tracking feature
  • the feature to calculate the results and suggest further exercises suitable to individual requirements in the future
  • The exercises are designed to alternate forms (practicing and then gently relaxing), which help the user not get bored and balance the body.
  • Highly medical exercises such as meditation, breathing exercises to sleep better, and cardiovascular training,…
  • A large collection of articles advising on how to take care of yourself physically and mentally.
  • Feature of arrangement and recommendation of Menu of the day, of the week, corresponding to each user’s training needs.

In addition, when using this FitOn app, you can also participate in live rankings to push yourself beyond your limits, track your workout progress, and share with friends for more motivation. You can even text messages in real-time with friends to get together to work out on time, even if you’re miles apart.

MOD APK version of FitOn

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download FitOn APK & MOD for Android

It is the most complete fitness and mental training app I’ve ever known. If you need to keep fit at home, you should immediately download FitOn to your device. The effect will come very quickly if you follow the correct route in the app.

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