How to Find Eliza’s Brooch in Soul Hackers 2

Doing someone a favor Like any RPG, Soul Hackers 2 has plenty of side quests that seem easier than they really are. If you’re a completionist or just generally curious when you stumble upon an NPC request, sometimes you might get in more over your head than expected. Finding Eliza’s Brooch has proven to be more difficult than one would plan for. Here’s how to find Eliza’s Brooch in Soul Hackers 2.

Finding the Brooch

In Shinsando you’ll often talk to Mannequin, the owner of the Zafiro accessory shop. He loves collecting rare items and accessories and would like you to help him in fetching a few select items. Some of these items come from a classic movie he enjoys titled “Eliza”. The last item he asks your help for is of course, the Brooch. This starts the quest line titled “A Brooch, A Fresh Start, and Me”. This will also coincide with another sidequest, ‘Glory Days’.

Firstly once the quest starts you’ll want to head to the Okazi Hope Towers dungeon. The dungeon is full of multiple floors that you navigate through ever-changing elevators. There are lots of rooms to explore so it will take you a bit to traverse the maze and find what you’re looking for. It might take you a while as the item only drops randomly after Demon Recon.

You’ll most likely need to clear the dungeon map first and access the Hope Towers through the actual quest for the Brooch before you’ll be allowed to find it. Once you do however you’ve instantly completed the quest and found everything Mannequin has asked of you. Once completed you will earn 30,000 currency and talk again to Mannequin and you’ll be rewarded with discounted prices in the Zafiro shop.

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