Final Vendetta Dev Considering “Free DLC” And Even A Sequel

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Image: Numskull Games

If you enjoyed the recent Switch eShop beat ’em up release Final Vendetta, and were left wanting more – you might be in luck.

During a recent interview with the gaming website Co-Optimis, the game’s developer Mike Tucker mentioned how he was open to perhaps offering some “free DLC” and even had “loads of ideas saved up for a sequel. Regular patches (including bug fixes and more) will also be a thing:

“We’ve already released a couple of patches for the Steam version which have gone down very well, helping to balance the game further, fix a few bugs, and also cater [to] more casual players. Currently, there’s a lot of demand for the boxer enemy (Karen) to be made into a playable character. I’d love to do that and perhaps offer it as free DLC, but it would involve quite a bit of work. We’re constantly being asked to make a sequel too, and we certainly have a load of ideas for that!”

Although this game was released the same time as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, it’s still well worth a look and a love letter to ’90s arcade brawlers.

Have you given this recent release a go yet? Would you be up for DLC or even a sequel? Tell us below.

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