FBoy Island Season 2 Contestants, Get The Complete List Of FBoy Island Season 2 Cast And Ages

FBoy Island Show

FBoy Island show was first released on July 29, 2021. This show is based on reality shows and drama. The show’s plot is that 26 men are trying to impress three women. They trying everything to be partners with them. After the final episodes, they have to complete some challenging tasks and become winners of the show with a $100,000 cash prize. They are going with their partner on a romantic date, fancy restaurant dinner, Long drive, cruise trip, shopping, and many more. In this show, contestants should be a 22 to 35 age limit. There are two categories of men: the nice guy category and the FBoy category. Moreover, the show is for a better personality, fun-loving, caring, and understanding life partner. 

FBoy Island Season 2 Contestants

One of the famous American reality shows FBoy Island show season 2, was released on July 14, 2022. American media personality Nikki Glasser hosts this show. According to the show’s director, there are only ten episodes this season, and many plot twists are also available. A total of twenty-six contestants participated in this show. Before you watch this show make sure you have to be 18+. Recently there are age rating survey was started for this show. The lead cast, Mia  Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda, are looking for love and fun, and they choose their life partner in this show independently. 

FBoy Island Season 2 Cast Age List 

FBoy Island Season 2 Contestants  Age 
Mia Emani Jones 26
Louise Barnard 25
Tamaris Sepulveda 29
A.C. Long 28
Asanté Tait 27
Benedict Polizzi 31
Braydon Elgar, 22
Carlos Lopez 30
Danny Louisa 31
Dewayne Rogers 26
Ilon Hao 30
JaBriane Ross 28
Jared Seay 25
Jeremy Edberg 33
John MgBemena 28
Kian Lewis 27
Kyland Hewett-Newbill 24
Lukasz Yoder 21
Mercedes Knox 25
Michael Dakessian 27
Nick Priola 26
Nick Warfield 28
Niko Pilalis 29
Nikolay Pranchenko 29
Noam Atzil 27
Tom Carnifax 24
Zachary Wambold 25

FBoy Island Season 2 Age Rating

According to the survey, FBoy Island season 2 Age rating is 18+. Some American parents are complaining about this show. They tweeted to ban this show. FBoy Island is a reality show based on some casual relationships, drama, and romance. The producer of the show announced that there was an inappropriate scene in this show. In reality shows, it’s common to live flirting scenarios, candlelight dinners, dating plots, etc. They already have a disclaimer about all this storyline of this is fictional, don’t take it seriously, and this show is not for below 18 viewers. 


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