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Farida Akhtar Babita Net Worth: 1921-present. Farida Akhtar was born in what is now Pakistan and she has been an ardent fan of Theatre and Actors ever since her childhood days. She began her acting career when she was very young, actually studying theatre at university before getting a part in a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for which she later became famous. After that her profession expanded and she appeared in a number of plays and films, playing different characters such as in “Lawrence Of Arabia” and “Forrest Gump”. Later on she went on to act in some more successful movies such as “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Old Yeller” and “A Woman marries Slowly”.

Popular As Farida Akhter Poppy
Occupation Actress
Age 67 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Born 30 July 1953
Birthday 30 July
Birthplace Bagerhat District, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi

Farida Akhtar Babita is married to Farida Hayat, who is a producer from Borna news channel who is well known for his love for Farida Akhtar Babita. They met when Farida was appearing in a teleplay in which she was called Chandni Chowdhry and Farida Akhtar Babita became one of her favorite actresses. They got married in September last year. They have two children – a boy and a girl, and Farida Akhtar Babita is now happily settled into her acting career. She has three films in the pipeline and looks forward to doing more business in the field of cinema. As a commercial actress Farida has appeared in some very good films and has done very well in them and she is happy with her acting career.

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Farida Akhtar Babita Net Worth: 21century Bangladesh Television actress Farida Akhtar has achieved some great success as a result of her varied acting experience and the success of some recent films. Farida Akhtar Babita’s acting career has seen some very good Farida Akhtar Babita movies. Her acting skills are best showcased in the distant thunder movies that she did in the late eighties. She was popular then as one of the many Bengalis who made an entry in the Hollywood film industry through Farida Akhtar Babita.

Farida Akhtar Babita’s income source is a relatively modest one. She lives in a modest flat in suburban Bengali town and has been lucky enough not to be in the spotlight for too long. She enjoys dressing modestly even though she often dresses up attractively to go on set or to meet some of her close friends and relatives. Farida Akhtar Babita’s sisters, on the other hand, have enjoyed a good income from various activities.

Farida Akhtar Babita’s sisters have always been actively involved in Farida Akhtar Babita’s personal life. One of them, sister Noema, works as an actress and singer while the other, sister Premmi, is married and has two children. The younger of Farida Akhtar Babita’s sisters Premmi and Noema work as actresses and singers while Farida Akhtar Babita’s younger sister Premmily has made her acting debut in the last five films of the decade and is active in the entertainment industry. The youngest of Farida Akhtar Babita’s sisters, Harnish, is a talented dancer who travels all over India to perform.

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Farida Akhtar Babita is in relatively good financial health, but she is candid about the financial problems facing her at this time. At Farida Akhtar Babita’s request, the information regarding her income source is not disclosed in this article. However, sources say that Farida Akhtar Babita earns approximately $1.5 million per year. She is not only a popular actress in India but in Malaysia, Singapore, Britain and the USA as well. Farida Akhtar Babita’s fans include the likes of Ben Kingsley, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton and many others.

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