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Erica Campbell was a famous Playboy model who gained fame within the adult entertainment industry for her stunning topless modeling. Erica Campbell was also the 2021 Playboy Special Editions model of the year. Erica Campbell is an American adult magazine model who has gained popularity for her topless body and being the youngest model to pose for Playboy. Erica Campbell has been listed as a Playboy model for the past fourteen years.

Erica Campbell has been measured for a full body measurement at the age of twenty-seven years, which is the age she was listed at when she was a Playboy model. Erica Campbell’s full body measurement is 47 years 3 months, which is the age that she was listed at when she was a Playboy model. Erica Campbell has said that she has never once felt dissatisfied with her body or what the media said about her. Erica has admitted to having undergone plastic surgery in the past. Erica has gained a lot of attention over the last several years and she has achieved great success in the United States.

Erica Campbell has been married to Richard Hanks for thirty-five years and they have two children. The two children ages six and four. Erica has two sisters and a brother. Richard Hanks has said that he is very proud of his sister and she is always his favorite. Erica Campbell has been in the news quite frequently over the years because she has achieved great success in the United States as a model.

Erica Campbell has published some interesting information on her website about her background and her childhood and even reveals where she met her future husband. Her net worth was not disclosed but other models have claimed to have higher than average net worths. The information about her childhood is interesting because it shows her being rebellious as a child and that she was very unpleasant to her siblings. Erica’s siblings have spoken out about her leaving them during her marriage.

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Name Erica Campbell
Age (as of 2018) 46 years old
Profession Gospel Singer
Birth Date 29-Apr-72
Birth Place Inglewood, CA
Nationality Inglewood

Richard Hanks is an award winning songwriter and has made quite a number of movies. One movie that he directed was called “A Christmas Story”. Erica Campbell was listed as one of Hanks top students in the audition process for the lead role of “A Christmas Story”. There is a rumor that Erica Campbell might star alongside her former” Granger science teacher” in the spin off of “A Christmas Story”. Erica has also expressed interest in writing a song for the new “A Christmas Story” film.

There are many facts that show how popular singer Erica Campbell really is. She has written songs for popular songs such as “Grind” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Her fan base is huge with both young adults and older generation of listeners. Her music taste has also been broad ranging with songs that have been played on the radio for years. Many people are impressed with her talent as a songwriter and as a singer. Erica Campbell has definitely earned her place as one of today’s most popular singers and songwriters.

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