Enter the Gungeon Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons

Here is our Enter the Gungeon Tier List where we have selected the top 10 weapons for you. Use them to clear the Gungeon!

Enter the Gungeon is a classic rougelike shooter game and as the name suggests, it has plenty of guns. Each gun has a unique playstyle and a niche use. That’s why all guns are not equal. If you want to beat the game efficiently, you need the best guns. That’s where our Enter the Gungeon Weapon Tier List will help you out.

Enter the Gungeon Weapon Tier List

Vulcan Cannon

The Vulcan Cannon, initially used by the Gatling Gull boss at the end of the first level, is definitely a treat to watch. The most significant advantage is the 900 round ammunition capacity. The awful spread is a severe disadvantage, forcing close-quarters combat. The Gungeoneer, on the other hand, won’t need to be near foes for very long because this cannon will shred through entire levels and bosses, making it incredibly helpful.


Gunther is more than a weapon; he’s a loyal companion who’ll lend you his power once you’ve impressed him with your achievements in the field. You’ll gain credibility with Gunther every time you clear a room. The more he believes in you, the stronger he gets. I’d consider using it purely for the dialogue and its amusing observations on your performance.


Aside from the two additional curses granted by the Fightsabre, the benefits of being able to deflect practically any attack in the game outweigh any corrupted bullets you may face. Even the last boss’s attacks will be reflected back to your Gungeoneer during the reloading animation. The Fightsabre is one of the best weapons in Enter The Gungeon, with a high 500-round ammo count, over 30 damage per second average, and the aforementioned attack reflection.

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Enter the Gungeon Gameplay
Enter the Gungeon Gameplay

Black Hole Gun

This powerful weapon fires black holes that slowly move across the screen, sucking any bullets or enemies. If you keep shooting, you’ll become practically untouchable, making this a solid method of acquiring Master Rounds on the most challenging floors. Just keep in mind that many enemies will not drop money if they are smashed by the black hole’s gravitational pull.

AU Gun

A massive 100 damage per shot is nothing to scoff at. The 25 rounds, on the other hand, might be something to be careful of. The AU is a dangerous weapon, and in the right hands, it is incredibly deadly. Oddjob’s Hat would have been a nice addition as well, although it’s possible that gamers might think it was too cheap.

Yari Launcher

The Yari Launcher is one of the most extravagant weapons in the Gungeon, capable of launching barrages of 20 homing rockets in a matter of seconds. It takes some time to reload, but the sheer firepower of 20 rockets generally provides enough time. Despite being one of the most effective weapons against bosses, you shouldn’t rely on it to clear normal rooms.

Prototype Railgun

The Prototype’s massive 150 damage per shot vastly surpasses the regular model’s 50. The Prototype has the same ammo capacity of 40 rounds as the original. All Gungoneers need to know is that the Prototype Railgun can disintegrate opponents and demolish bosses in a matter of seconds. The main model’s only advantage over the prototype is bouncing bullets. Both are capable of piercing, however, the Prototype only has one extremely powerful beam. When used correctly, one beam is all that is required.

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The Exotic in Enter the Gungeon
The Exotic in Enter the Gungeon

The Exotic

The Exotic inflicts huge explosion damage thanks to a rocket that, on impact, divides into seven smaller homing missiles. It also summons a Ghost Shell companion who reveals the contents of chests before you open them. It has a fantastic synergy with the Ice Breaker, which allows it to increase its already enormous damage potential.


The Dragunfire is nearly perfect, with a large ammo capacity, massive fireball bullets that will hit even the smallest heaps of slime, hefty knockback, and a 12% chance of setting enemies on fire. Any further attempts to delve deeper into the Gungeon in search of secrets should undoubtedly include this as an important weapon.


This weapon is called Blasphemy because it is blasphemous to wield a sword in a place called “Gun.” You wouldn’t normally bring a sword to a gunfight, but Blasphemy can cut through bullets and render you invulnerable if you swing fast enough. It also does a lot of damage per slash. Blasphemy can fire sword-shaped beams of light to reach far-away enemies, but only if you’re fully healed.

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