Embracer Group Acquires Limited Run Games, Lord Of The Rings IP & More

Lord Of The Rings
Image: Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema

Swedish video game company Embracer Group has gone and acquired not one but multiple companies, including plenty of IP.

In a series of press releases on its official website, Embracer announced it had acquired Tripwire Interactive (Killing Floor, Maneater, Rising Storm), Tuxedo Labs (Teardown), Singtrix (vocal processing effects tech), physical distributor Limited Run Games and has also secured the rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit literary works by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Other companies acquired include Tatsujin (Embracer’s first studio located in Japan – led by Toaplen founder Masahiro Yuge), Swedish studio Bitwave Games (Wunderling DX) and Gioteck – a leading gaming accessory brand.

You can read all about these acquistions on the company’s official website, including the announcement of ‘Embracer Freemode’ – its eleventh operative group comprised of gaming and entertainment companies owned by Embracer.

Embracer Group already has 10 operateive groups, 120 studios and over 850 franchises under its belt. Some of the studios include THQ Nordic, Coffee Stain, Gearbox Entertainment, Saber and Dark Horse Media.

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