Download Simontok Apk v2.6.5 File From Apkmody

What is this app?

A completely free but always available VPN app, which is open to anyone from any country, allowing you to access websites from any other part of the Internet without being restricted and without leaving a private trace.

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Unrestricted access to the Internet.

Depending on various cultural policies, there are quite a few websites that are not available in some countries. Internet users in this country will receive restrictions when trying to access these sites, and they may see restricted content or not be able to access these sites at all.But these restrictions cannot limit the desire to learn and the spirit of the Internet, which is why we download the simontok app on apkmody.With the simontok app, you can bypass the artificial restrictions set by these countries. In other words, by connecting to the Internet with the vpn provided by simontok, you can browse the Internet freely and without restrictions!

-Why do you need to bypass the restrictions set by different countries?Websites are not just a vehicle designed by techies to provide services to internet users, it has its own commercial and political value, so some countries restrict their own internet users from accessing foreign websites, or restrict foreign internet users from accessing their own websites.These restrictions are based on national interests, not personal interests. We understand your desire to learn as a user and the spirit of sharing everything on the Internet, so we will go to apkmody and download the simontok app so that the Internet is not restricted by reality and our customers can access the site without restrictions . They have a variety of servers from more than 50 countries and different locations!

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A secure mode that leaves no trace

Donโ€™t want the feeling of big data holding you in the palm of your hand? Donโ€™t want people to know what sites youโ€™ve visited? Or simply want to be clear about the traces of your visits to websites?The simontok app provides you with a secure way to access the Internet. Just enable the simontok app with one click, click the big on button and your phone will be connected to the simontok secure server.-Donโ€™t worry about giving out your ip to strange websites-Donโ€™t worry about receiving harassing emails to your mailbox-Do not leave your information to those unscrupulous websites-Do not let others have the opportunity to monitor your network traces
-Share your data to others with confidence-Get the resources that others share with you with confidence-Automatically clear your browsing history-Prevent others from hacking your computer with WIFI


Easy-to-use App

A button at the top of the page, press it and your phone is VPN enabled, thatโ€™s the design concept of simontok, simple but impressive.You can also choose some advanced options, such as connecting to different servers or enabling global proxies, etc. It has all the features that a VPN should normally use.The good news is that you donโ€™t have to remember your favorite sites or search through your favorites. simontok has a large number of commonly used domains built in, so you can jump to them with a click of an icon, and now you donโ€™t have to resist your impulses. youtube, Instagram or twitter, no more waiting, no more restrictions!

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Transparent and visible internet speed

simontok offers a simple speed measurement feature, just click the speed measurement button at the bottom of the app and it will provide you with how the latency of all available servers is for you right now, in other words it shows you approximately how fast your internet speed will be after you connect to them. In general, not all servers will be high speed for you, and some may not offer low latency due to distance or other factors, but you can choose the best option based on the data displayed without worrying about having to try them one by one!

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