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What is apkpure?

APKPure is an app that integrates many popular Android game apps, similar to Google Market, you can download a wide variety of apps on apkpure and not be restricted by Google Market for your country.On apkpuer you can download and follow your favorite apps and get the latest updates whenever you want, from multiplayer games to social media apps, you can download them as many times as you want, and they’re completely free on apkpuer!

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Download app without restrictions

Sometimes you see people talking about an app on youtube or twitter, but when you open the Google Play Store with great enthusiasm you find that “the app is not available in your region”? apkpure is ready for you for this moment!In apkpure, users all over the world can freely download and install more than 10k+ apps and enjoy it, and you can search for any app you want!And just like the Google Play Store, we also have an updated recommendations page with the latest and hottest games, so if you happen to want to try a new game, our home page will impress you!

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Look familiar? No, no, no, these are the recommendations for you.

The recommendation just for you

In addition to the frequently updated recommendations, there are also columns provided by our editorial staff, each of which has a theme of its own and includes a range of apps that fit those themes. Whether you are a gamer looking for a nostalgic game, a casual game to lighten up a bit, or an office app to improve your productivity, you will find a feature that meets your expectations and discover a series of apps that have been carefully collected for you.

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One button to download and install

Apkpure not only provides the app marketplace to users, but also wraps up the complete set of tools for users from downloading to installing apps . For this purpose, our app provides easy-to-install app management tools for Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 to 6.0 To meet the special requirements of some games, we also have xapk installer and apks installer, etc. You can check your download and installation progress in the background and decide to pause or go to the next step at any time.

We aim to let users just press the install button and leave the rest to us!

Is apkpure safe?

You may have seen discussions like this on reddit or facebook and be anxious about possible data theft or security risks. We assure our users that we do not collect data illegally for profit, nor do we create security vulnerabilities on their devices. apkperu’s actions are based on respect for the user and a commitment to user satisfaction, so you do not need to worry about information theft or other security risks.Based on the above description, apkpure is completely safe and you can download and use it without any worries.

Play the game in a lighter way

Even with a one-click download and installation, it still takes too long for you? We understand that sometimes you want to play a game on the subway or while waiting for the coffee machine to run, but you didn’t download the game in advance, so you have to wait. apkpure has taken this situation into account for you!apkpure provides a framework for playing games quickly, all the games on this page do not need to be installed, similar to the flash games you play on your computer, just open the game page and play, no need to endure a long download process!

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More than app

Are you a software engineer who wants to know where the latest technology is going? You’re a fashionista and want to know what everyone is playing these days?You’re playing a challenging game and want to see a cheat video made by the host, or a video release of gaming entertainment?apkperu provides a large number of applications to download and install, but also provides users with the latest and hottest trending information on the web, not just articles, but also youtube video recommendations. In one application you can always know the latest news, the latest meme and what games everyone is playing!

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Let us hear from you.

We sincerely listen to our users’ suggestions, so whether you feel uncomfortable using apkpure or have a better suggestion, we welcome you to contact us in the following channels!

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– Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/apkpure

– VK: https://vk.com/apkpurevk

– YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbCOKdnt1yYk4S3I4a034XQ

– OK: https://ok.ru/group/55140093722742

Should you download it?

The programmers at apkpure have made every effort to make the app leaner and more efficient. The size of the app does not exceed 100mb and the app does not take up extraneous resources in the background, making your phone less laggy after installing apkpure than it was before. By installing apkpure, you get an additional app repository in addition to the Google Play Store, giving you more freedom and variety of choices.

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