Don’t Use Your Switch In Temperatures Exceeding 35C, Warns Nintendo

Mario Odysssey
Image: Nintendo

Japan, like many regions at the moment, is working its way through a merciless ongoing heatwave. Just last week, the capital of Tokyo experienced daily temperatures exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit (about 35 Celsius), and although temperatures have dipped slightly this week, the region is still sweltering in unusually extreme heat.

As such, Nintendo has issued a warning to its Japanese audience against using the Nintendo Switch in high temperatures, stating that doing to will increase the internal temperature of the machine. It also warns against blocking the air intake and exhaust vents, as this will exacerbate the increase in internal heat.

Roughly translated, the tweet states:

Playing a Nintendo Switch in a high temperature area can cause the temperature of the console to rise. Please use the console in areas between 5 ~ 35°C (41 ~ 95°F).
Additionally, blocking the air intake and exhaust vents can cause the console to heat up. Please allow for good ventilation around these vents.

Of course, while Nintendo has addressed its native Japan with this particular tweet, we reckon folks the world over would do well to heed its warning! It seems many regions across the globe are currently experiencing higher temperatures than usual at the moment, so it’s incredibly important that you keep your Switches safe! Or, you know, you could use it as an excuse to buy the new Splatoon 3 OLED Model… Just sayin’.

Are you experiencing extreme heat in your area right now? What are you doing to stay cool? Let us know!

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