Donkey Kong Country Return 3D 3DS ROM & CIA Download

Donkey Kong Country Return 3D is one of the famous platformer games that made a great reputation for Nintendo. It is refreshed in 3D format on the 3DS and has terrible difficulty.

Donkey Kong Country Return 3D

Who dares to stir up the green island to steal the Kong’s bananas?

The jovial and seemingly absurd plot

Like other classic Platformer games including Mario, Yoshi… the plot of Donkey Kong Country Return 3D is extremely simple. The story is about a volcano that erupted on a remote island. However, it was not an ordinary volcano whose rebirth heralded a dark force rising from the deep of the earth. After the monster revived, he immediately hypnotized all species here to collect all the bananas on the island for him.

One morning, Baby monkey Diddy woke up and witnessed this unacceptable strange situation, and at the same time discovered that the huge store of bananas under his warehouse had gone. He quickly came to tell his father the news. At the same time, the monster suddenly appeared at Donkey Kong’s house and confidently showed his talent to hypnotize the muscular Monkey King father. 

However, the monster was soon surprised to see that Donkey Kong was unaffected by his magic while Donkey Kong was wide-eyed not understanding what the madman in front of him was doing. When the monster didn’t understand what was going on, it was beaten by Donkey Kong before quickly running away. Determined to find out the truth, the father and son set out to find the clues of the monsters that acquired their “banana headquarters”. The amazing adventure began.

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The villains in Donkey Kong Country Return 3D are not evil people or terrible monsters like other common games. They are just animals hypnotized by tiki masks and all kinds of obstacles on the road with strange shapes and sizes. And you know, “In unity there is strength”, one or two will be okay, but so many villains who are hypnotized will be a big problem for our Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong is transformed into multiform this comeback

The power of Donkey Kong, the main character, is limitless. You can run, jump, climb, roll quickly to spin into enemies, step on the head to destroy them, grab a wooden crate to hit the hordes of villains huddled in front of you, and also scream with a forceful sound that makes enemies turn pale. I especially love the transitions between this class/ scene and another class/ scene.

Like the first scene, when Donkey Kong frantically smashed into a strange object on the road, the surrounding rock splashed up, revealing a secret base behind where Kong was standing. To run through this new scene, you have to jump up and grab an arrow-shaped wooden crate and will be rushed through the next scene to continue. All the developments in these transitions are extremely eye-catching, logical, and very rhythmic. Donkey Kong in later scenes may look smaller and far away, but it’s still incredibly detailed.

Not to mention the play scenes and challenges in Donkey Kong Country Return 3D continuously take place with increasingly dizzying difficulty. There is a series of big and small secrets for you to discover in each scene. For example, the gold coins are not exposed on the way, you must smash a big rock for it to appear for you to collect. The feeling of living with the power of the Monkey King, brazenly smashing everything around to find all the secrets, is an undeniable excitement for any player.

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I have a brother who bought this game just to go everywhere and smash everything he liked. He told me that was the way to release his stress. Well, maybe that’s a hidden benefit that Donkey Kong Country Return 3D brings? 

The difficulty is no longer debatable

Many people still complain about the terrible difficulty of Donkey Kong Country Return both in the original and the 3D version this time. But if you really master the manipulations, master the in-game classes/ scenes, and memorize the skills of Donkey Kong, the feeling of passing each level is like being announced to be accepted directly to the university. It is so exciting indeed!

The difficulty of Donkey Kong Country Return 3D lies in many things: the layers/ scenes before and after are intertwined, a series of secrets hidden in each item and obstacle, countless wild animals appear in the way, how to take advantage of each item obtained, the game speed is quite fast, you must combine many skills and weapons at the same time to fight as quickly and effectively as possible… Doing all of that is of course not easy at all.

But in return, there is good news for you. In the Original mode Donkey Kong Country Return 3D this time, you will find everything a little easier, you will now have up to 3 lives (heart) instead of only one life as before. Some new things have also been added to reduce the inherent harshness of the game such as special items like balloons that help Donkey Kong avoid falling, health replenishing crutches for Donkey Kong who is running out of energy. Maybe Nintendo is now loosening the rules a bit to attract more players because the previous version is so hard to play?

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One more motivation for newbies is that the longer you play, the more creative the scenes become. Brilliant sunsets, perilous forests, large old factories, or inside a hot volcano… all are brilliantly beautiful… and yes, super difficult to overcome.

Its graphics are a brilliant flower in platformer games

Compared to classic games, Donkey Kong Country Return 3D must be said to be a visual masterpiece. There are many changes and improvements over the original version of the Wii. The layers of detail reach unexpected depth. You won’t be able to tell what year this game was released because the 3D effects and graphics effects are smooth beyond imagination.

The main character and hundreds of different big and small animals are deeply shaped, extremely detailed, with smooth movement and a stable frame rate throughout the game. A better game experience brings a better sense of combat, especially with Donkey Kong’s speed and fury in all battles. This is also a huge advantage of this platformer game compared to other games of the same period. 

Download Donkey Kong Country Return 3D 3DS ROM & CIA

Friends, to be honest, if you love platformer games, you must play at least once this Donkey Kong Country Return 3D. It’s a game masterpiece of all time. But I’m sure you won’t just play it once because it’s so hard.

See you in the world of Monkey King who loves bananas!

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