DNF Duel All Characters, List Of Every Playable Character In DNF Duel

DNF Duel All Characters

DNF Duel’s officially revealed roster consists of the characters Berserker, Grappler, Hitman, Inquisitor, Vanguard, Striker, Dragon Knight, Ranger character,  Ghostblade, character Kunoichi, and character Crusader. The official update of this game’s character was leaked in April 2023. Ereki – KO a user of Reddit has released some leaked footage that confirms that the leak is indeed accurate.  The Launcher is famous for using heavy guns for combat in this game. The introduction for this main character confirms her to be the Launcher of this game due to the enormous explosive weapons that get teleported into the game. DNF due is a fighting, action game in 2.5 dimensions that gives you an extreme and realistic fighting experience.

DNF Duel All Characters Leaked 

S.No  Characters 
1 Dragon Knight
2 Inquisitor
3 Kunoichi 
4 Hitman
5 Crusader
6 Vanguard
7 Grappler
8 Berserker
9 Ranger 
10 Striker 
11 Swift Master 
12 Troubleshooter 
13 Ghostblade 
14 Launcher
15 The Lost Warrior
16 Enchanters 

Top 10 Character In DNF Duel 

 1. Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight’s character comes with great potential, and she has unique and distant movements that are unable to understand and decipher. She can fly and send her dragon to bring the opponent or enemy to her and then fights with them. 

2. Kunoichi 

Kunoichi is one of the famous characters in the game, and she comes with exceptional movement mechanics. Her overly-aggressive behavior and pressure contribute to her becoming a popular character.

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3. Inquisitor

Inquisitor has some excellent skills but lacks in her punishing attach mechanics, which is relatively slow to other characters. 

4.  Hitman

Hitman comes with good combat skills both in close-quarters and range. Hitman has SMG locks and a scimitar, destroying the opponent from a distance. His playstyle is different and complex, making him one of the game’s unique characters and is also challenging. 

5. Crusader

Crusader is one of the unstoppable characters as he comes with extraordinary abilities, strength, defense, and range. 

6.  Vanguard

Vanguard’s character resembles Inquisitor in many ways but apart from that, he has an excellent playstyle, which makes him different from the Inquisitor.

7.  Grappler

Grapher has got some strange and unusual movement mechanics and playstyle. He brings a lot of damage and destruction to the opponent but is not that good in close-range fighting.

8.  Berserker

An all-rounder character who is very powerful and has excellent skills in fighting leads him to win the matches. Berserker has the ability and power to alter his health for destroying the player and has excellent aerial attack and spacing. 

9.  Ranger

The Ranger character brings out a lot of damage with its amazing somersaults, combos, popping shots, etc. He is an excellent zoning fighter who has got great skills. 

10. Striker

Striker comes with incredible hard-hitting moves and suffocates the opponent by applying a massive amount of pressure to them which is her unique way of attacking. 

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DNF Duel 

DNF Duel video game is a fighting and adventure-based game developed by Arc System Works. This game is published by Nexon game studio. It is a spin-off of the Dungeon & Fighter series and this game was released for the Microsoft Windows version, Playstation 4 version, and Playstation 5  on June 28, 2023. The gameplay is similar to other Roblox fighting games developed by Arc System Works studio. the video game features simplified all the inputs to allow new players to try so many skills and get weapons in this game. The MP bar’s primary use is to activate specific attacks in this game. The main skill level in the game is similar to the main series games and other RPGs version. 


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