Dhaka to give Sinovac COVID vaccine as first dose, Moderna, AZ as boosters

In a letter issued on Tuesday, the health directorate called on all hospitals and health institutes within the territory of the two city corporations to take immediate steps to implement the order.

exposetimes.comreached out to Dr Shamsul Haque, member secretary of the COVID-19 Vaccine Management Taskforce, for further details but he was not available for comment.

The 49 vaccination centres in Dhaka North and Dhaka South have been administering three brands of COVID vaccines as the first dose, according to government data.

Among them, 39 centres are using the Moderna vaccine. The Pfizer vaccines are available at five centres while the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot is being administered at six centres.

The Chinese Sinovac vaccine was authorised for emergency use in Bangladesh in June 2021. But the vaccine is yet to be rolled out in Dhaka.

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