Destiny 2 Sunsetting is Finally Going Away for Good

Destiny 2 Sunsetting is going away for good.
Image via Bungie

In what might be some of the best news to come out of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary stream, Destiny 2 sunsetting is finally being sunset itself.

For those blissfully unaware of what “sunsetting” is in relation to Destiny, here’s a quick explanation:

Sunsetting is the term Bungie gave to the process of removing old content from Destiny 2. As a live service game, Destiny is constantly being updated. From new seasons and dungeons to full-fledged expansions, there’s always more being added to the game. However, all that content takes up a lot of space – both client and server-side. To combat that, Bungie came up with the idea of Destiny 2 sunsetting. As new content is added to the game, old content is removed.

That solves the storage space issue, but it means that content you previously paid for would no longer be playable. Needless to say, this didn’t have a popular reputation with the community – not that it matters anymore.

Bungie is Sunsetting Destiny 2 Sunsetting

Destiny 2 Sunsetting is Being Removed.
Image via Bungie

As announced as a part of Bungie’s big August 23rd showcase event, they will no longer be sunsetting any Destiny 2 content. In other words, everything from Shadowkeep on is here to say. Now, that might not be saying much considering we’re moving towards the end of Destiny 2’s life cycle, but it’s still cause to celebrate – especially after the controversial sunsetting of Forsaken.

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It’s unclear how Bungie intends to manage this transition from vaulting content to letting players access everything from here onwards. It’ll certainly be a lot for them to manage server-side, especially as we push forward towards Lightfall and the Final Shape.

Regardless, we should rejoice and enjoy our content to our heart’s content! We don’t have to worry about our favorite weapons, characters, or locations going away again anymore.

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