Dead By Daylight Mastermind Overview: Abilities, Perks, Add-Ons

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If the villains of the Resident Evil franchise held a “biggest jerk” competition, odds are good the clear winner would be Albert Wesker, the world’s most unprofessional geneticist. After years of unethical experiments, he sought to sacrifice most of the world in the name of genetic superiority. Unluckily for the Survivors of Dead By Daylight, he has made his way into the realm of the Entity in the form of The Mastermind. Here’s what you need to know about The Mastermind in Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight Mastermind Overview: Abilities, Perks, Add-Ons

The Mastermind, who we’ll just keep calling Wesker for the sake of brevity, operates on some similar systems to Nemesis, but with a slightly more aggressive slant. His Power, Virulent Bound, allows him to rush down Survivors to inflict damage, disable them, and inflict long-term punishments in the form of the Uroboros Infection.

Virulent Bound is made up of four interworking mechanics:

  • Bound Attack
  • Bound Vault
  • Uroborus Infection
  • First Aid Spray

Bound Attack

Holding the Power button slows Wesker for a moment as he charges up an attack. When it’s charged, press the button again to dash forward. If he hits a Survivor, he’ll inflict a stack of Infection. If they’re already Infected, the attack will worsen their Infection. Additionally, any hit Survivors will be thrown to the side, where they’ll lose health if they collide with any solid surfaces.

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Bound Vault

In addition to attacking Survivors, if Wesker dashes toward a dropped Pallet or window with Bound Attack, he’ll automatically vault over it at a higher speed than usual.

Uroboros Infection

The Uroboros Infection builds passively in all Survivors throughout the Trial, worsening further if they’re struck by Wesker’s Bound Attack. When a Survivor reaches Critical Infection, they’ll suffer from the Hindered status effect, lowering their speed. Additionally, if Wesker strikes a Critically Infected Survivor with Bound Attack, he’ll automatically pick them up.

First Aid Spray

In a Trial where Wesker is the Killer, a handful of Supply Cases will randomly spawn around the map. These cases contain First Aid Sprays, which Survivors can use to lower Infection level on themselves or other Survivors.

Besides his Power, Wesker starts with three unique Perks meant to punish Survivors for success, make chases easier, and help him set up further attacks.

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Wesker’s perks and their effects are as follows:

  • Superior Anatomy: Whenever a Survivor performs a rushed vault through a window within 8 meters of you, your next vault will be faster.
  • Awakened Awareness: While you’re carrying a Survivor, the Auras of other Survivors within a certain proximity are revealed to you.
  • Terminus: When the Exit Gates are powered up, all Injured, Dying, or hooked Survivors are inflicted with the Broken status effect, preventing them from healing. This effect lasts until an Exit Gate is opened, though it will linger for a while afterwards.
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Finally, Wesker has access to the following add-ons to enhance his abilities:

  • Jewel Beetle: Decreases the Virulent Bound extension when grabbing a Survivor mid-Bound by 50%, but provides a 100% Bloodpoint bonus for Virulent Bound-related actions.
  • Unicorn Medallion: Increases the initial Virulent Bound distance by 20%, decreases the subsequent Virulent Bound distance by 20%.
  • R.P.D. Shoulder Walkie: Decreases the initial Virulent Bound distance by 20%, increases the subsequent Virulent Bound distance by 20%.
  • Uroboros Tendril: Increases Wesker’s movement speed while charging Virulent Bound by 5%.
  • Loose Crank: Increases Wesker’s movement speed by 8% between the first and second Virulent Bounds.
  • Leather Gloves: Decreases Virulent Bound recharge time by 10%.
  • Lion Medallion: Increases the distance Virulent Bound throws Survivors by 30%.
  • Chalice (Gold): Increases the Virulent Bound extension when grabbing a Survivor mid-Bound by 50%.
  • Bullhorn: Any Survivors that use a First Aid Spray are afflicted with Oblivious for 30 seconds.
  • Portable Safe: Survivors struck with Virulent Bound suffer Haemorrhage until fully healed.
  • Red Herb: Increases time required for a Survivor to use a First Aid Spray by 2 seconds.
  • Maiden Medallion: Critically Infected Survivors suffer from Blindness for 60 seconds.
  • Video Conference Device: Increases the rate at which Survivors passively gain Infection by 30%.
  • Egg (Gold): Increases the duration of the additional Virulent Bound window by 50%.
  • Dark Sunglasses: Wesker gains Undetectable for 20 seconds when a Survivor is Critically Infected.
  • Green Herb: Increases the amount of Infection Survivors gain when hit with Virulent Bound by 30%.
  • Helicopter Stick: Survivors that use a First Aid Spray have their Aura revealed for 8 seconds.
  • Uroboros Virus: Critically Infected Survivors have their Aura revealed for 4 seconds.
  • Lab Photo: Removes ability to vault Pallets and windows with Virulent Bound, but adds ability to destroy Pallets and breakable walls with Virulent Bound.
  • Iridescent Uroboros Vial: All Survivors start the Trial with a stack of Infection. When a Survivor is Critically Infected, they are afflicted with Exposed for 30 seconds.
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Wesker, AKA The Mastermind, is kind of like a mix between the fast-paced chasing of the Legion and the passive hindrance of Nemesis. Rush down your foes with Virulent Bound, and infect them from a distance!

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