How to Deactivate Nagad Account (Easy Tips)

Nowadays, mobile banking is a very popular money transaction system. With the advancement of time digital mobile banking in Bangladesh is increasing. Nagad is one of the blooming mobile banking apps in recent time, which run by the Bangladesh Post Office. Here we will discuss how to deactivate Nagad account.

Of all the mobile banking app, Nagad is gaining popularity among the general people of Bangladesh. Opening a Nagad account is so easy if you have a smartphone. Sometimes people opened more than one Nagad account. Due to safe transactions and security threat issues, someone surely wants to close their excess accounts.

Nagad Account Deactivate Process

If you have more than one Nagad account and wondering how to deactivate Nagad account, then you should read it thoroughly.

  • At first, you need to prepare all the necessary documents like the NID card. You needed that card to open the account. NID (National Identity Card) is mandatory when you want to suspend your Nagad account.
  • You need to make the Nagad account balance zero. Sometimes Nagad account has some amounts like 0.79 taka or 1.25 taka. You can certainly clear that balance by sending money to another account or someone else’s account. When your account balance is zero you will be able to deactivate that account.
  • If you are using any Nagad app then you know that there is no charge for ‘send money’. But if you send money through dialing *167# and then you will charge up to 5 taka per transaction.
  • You need to stop using that account. That means you should not transact any money through that Nagad account.
  • You should remember that you cannot fully deactivate Nagad account. But you can suspend that account for sometimes.
  • Then you have to call the Nagad call center. The call center agent will be asking you for some of your account information. You must prepare your NID before calling them. They will be asking you about your NID.
  • If you have more than one account, Nagad customer care will look up your accounts and suspend those unused accounts.
  • You should let customer care know about your account information they will ask for deactivating the account.
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After reading this article, you now know how to deactivate Nagad account. But you have to keep in mind that you can never delete your Nagad account forever. At best, you can suspend it for time being. The suspension will validate if you stop using that account. We wish you all the happy transactions and experience with different mobile money transfer systems.

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