Daniel Ricciardo and Trevor Noah do the ‘shoey’ on The Daily Show

Daniel Ricciardo appeared on the popular American television programme ‘The Daily Show’, hosted by Trevor Noah and did the shoey

Daniel Ricciardo performed a ‘shoey’ with host Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’. Ricciardo is famous for doing shoeys after podium finishes in F1. It means drinking champagne (or any other beverage) out of the person’s own shoes. As soon as the Aussie entered the stage, Noah made sure he had the goods ready.

“I normally don’t do this unless I’ve won,” Ricciardo insisted before drinking all of the champagne from the shoe. “You’ve won by being here,” Noah replied to the McLaren driver. In the show, Ricciardo and Noah discussed how much F1 has grown in the United States and the McLaren driver shared his thoughts ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. Miami is making its debut in the F1 calendar and is scheduled to host it from 6th to 8th May.

It will be one of the two American races on the 2023 calendar, with Las Vegas also being added for 2023. It certainly is a marker of how much F1 has grown in popularity in the US.

Miami is gearing up to host its maiden F1 Grand Prix

Miami is the 11th different F1 venue in the U.S.A. No country has had as many F1 host venues as the USA. The country held its first world championship round at Indianapolis in 1950, albeit under Indy 500 regulations, not F1.F1 has since visited Sebring (also in Florida), Riverside in California, Watkins Glen in upstate New York, Long Beach in California, Las Vegas in Nevada, Detroit in Michigan, Dallas in Texas, Phoenix in Arizona, Indianapolis again (on a road circuit), and finally Austin in Texas.

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Miami GP
Miami GP logo (f1)

The Miami GP circuit is 5.410 km in length covering a total of 57 laps. It is designed in a way that local residents would not be disturbed by the race. The track is a permanent style circuit with temporary infrastructure such as barriers and fences which will be removed when there is no racing.

The circuit is located within the private Hard Rock stadium grounds and will not use any public streets located around the stadium. Few weeks before the race weekend, the circuit and it’s safety features will be assembled. After the race weekend, the circuit will be dismantled and the Hard Rock stadium facility will be converted back to normal.

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