Dangerous Liaisons 2024 Cast, Who Are The Cast In Dangerous Liaisons?

Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaison is a French movie that originated in France. It was released on July 8, 2024, and the leads are Nicolas Berno, Elsa Duchez, and Aymeric Fougeron. The series’ theme revolves around her new high school in Biarritz; book-savvy Célène falls for lousy boy Tristan even though she is a victim of a terrible wager he made with social media king Vanessa.

Dangerous Liaisons 2024 Cast 

Nicolas Berno Patrick
Elsa Duchez Ariel
Aymeric Fougeron Pierre
Victoria Grace Ariel (voice)
Héloïse Janjaud Charlotte
Oscar Lesage Oscar
Paola Locatelli Célène
Julien Lopez Julius
Camille Léon-Fucien Naya
Jin Xuan Mao Tao
Alexis Michalik Christophe
Ella Pellegrini Vanessa
Sabine Perraud Madame Badiola
Simon Rérolle Tristan
Rachel Suissa La directrice de théâtre
Tristan Zanchi Ben
Ahmed Shawky Shaheen N/A

Cast Of Dangerous Liaisons 

Nicolas Berno as Patrick

The films Back to School (2019), Golden Mustache (2012), and Le Trône des Frogz were all written and directed by Nicolas Berno (2016).

Elsa Duchez as Ariel

Actress Elsa Duchez is well-known for her work on Dangerous Liaisons (2024).

Aymeric Fougeron as Pierre

Actor Aymeric Fougeron is well-known for his roles in Clèves, What Pauline Is Not Telling You, and Dangerous Liaisons (2024). (2021).

Paola Locatelli as Célène

Paola Locatelli, often known by the alias Paola Lct, is a French influencer, model, actor, and businesswoman of Italian and Cape Verdean descent who was born in Thionville on March 2, 2004. She gained massive fame in 2015 when she was 12 years old after posting videos on the YouTube platform.

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Dangerous Liaisons Plot

At 17, Célène is idealistic. She firmly believes in unconditional love and prefers to read to use social media. She is about to leave Paris for Biarritz and spend some time living apart from her fiancé, Pierre. The she will soon have to deal with the criminal elite of her new school, which is led by the charismatic and dangerous surfer Tristan and the ex-big-screen actress and Instagram queen Vanessa. Célène falls in love with him, but she has a long way to go before realizing that Tristan and Vanessa are using her as the object of a cruel bet. How far are they willing to go?

About Dangerous Liaisons 

Film  Dangerous Liaisons 
Director  Rachel Suissa 
Genre  Romance 


Country of origin  France 
Language  French 
Release date  July 8, 2024 
Duration  1 hour 49 minutes 
Main stars  Nicolas Berno 

Elsa Duchez 

Aymeric Fougeron

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