Conor Mcgregor has no USADA test listed for 2023, Cejudo has four

UFC superstar Conor Mcgregor has not had any test done by USADA for the 2023 calendar year

Carrying the McGregor name has its own perks and with it comes some indemnity and exemption. The biggest complaint that fellow fighters have with McGregor is that he gets away with a lot of stuff, however USADA as an anti-doping governing body should provide no immunity.

Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo
Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo

However this hasn’t been the case according to reports that suggest Mcgregor hasn’t been tested yet in 2023, while rumors of his return still float the internet.

On the contrary, Henry Cejudo who had confirmed post UFC 273 that he will be making his much anticipated return soon, has already been tested four times. Cejudo and Mcgregor have gone back and forth on several ocasion, most recently when the Olympic gold medalist mocked the Irish Man’s training footage.

Jed I Goodman reported by saying, ‘

As of May 19, Conor McGregor still doesn’t show any USADA tests in 2023.

The last test count shown is Q3 2021: 1.’

“USADA anti-doping is the worst testing program”- Derek Brunson blasts USADA for hindering his business travels and private affairs

It is known to the MMA community by now that UFC fighters need to keep USADA [United States Anti-Doping Agency] aware of their location and activities outside the octagon all the time. This applies to their whereabouts even between fights, which does not seem fair to plenty of fighters.

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Fighters have faced the wrath of the association for fiddling with the system- MMA superstar Nick Diaz remains the prime example. In recent times, there’s been some resistance from the fighting community in regards to the implementation, as well as speculation regarding privacy and whether or not this constant surveillance should earn athletes’ employee status. One they were even discussing 24/7 tracking, but it is obvious by now that fighters will not oblige to these rules.

Middleweight contender Derek Brunson used his Twitter platform to unmask USADA and stated that times are tougher for current fighters with new obligations. He said, ‘@usantidoping has to be the worst testing program out . Imagine trying to handle business outside of the octagon and having to take quick flights to check on properties , having a family and other stuff going on, etc and them giving you failures because you forgot to update the glitchy app. There’s several athletes out here taking peds but no one failing . Get your gps feature back . Giving someone a failed whereabouts isn’t the same as someone failing a ped test ….’

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