Colts owner Jim Irsay reveals the plans about QB’s future

The Indianapolis Colts recently traded for Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons, and their owner already has plans set up for the legendary QB.

The Indianapolis Colts once again have a new quarterback at their helm for the new season. This time it’s the legendary Falcons QB Matt Ryan, who they traded for not so long ago.

He will replace Carson Wentz, as the Colts look to make a push toward the Super Bowl with the experience of Matt Ryan in big games.

The Colts owner Jim Irsay was very open about the situation of Matty Ice with the franchise and spoke to ESPN regarding their stance with the quarterback.

Irsay said, “Matt is different than Philip, this is definitely different than that, It’s not drafting Andrew Luck, but it’s different than Philip. We knew Philip was going to be a one-year sort of thing and we view this as very possibly a three-year thing. Who knows. It’s hard to put a number on it.”

“I can’t say enough about Matt Ryan,” – Jim Irsay

Jim Irsay continued to praise Matt and said, “I can’t say enough about Matt Ryan, There’s no way I can sit here and explain to you, unless you look at [general manager] Chris [Ballard] and [coach] Frank [Reich] and different people in this organization eyes and see the difference that goes on right now because of Matt Ryan being in this building.”

He added, “His professionalism, his stature still at 36 and coming in here and we really are fortunate. We hope Matt can be here for four years, maybe, We certainly have our radar out for a young guy that can be the long-term future.”

The Indianapolis Colts certainly have a very good squad, and with the leadership of a quality quarterback like Matt Ryan, they will certainly be in the mix for the Super Bowl.

However, they will face a tough test as all the AFC teams are loaded up, and going to the Super Bowl from AFC will be the toughest task for any team for many years to come.

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