Candy Camera 6.0.56-play APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) Download

Candy Camera MOD APK is an application that supports your selfie hobby with a series of convenient face and body beautification features. Interestingly, it still retains the inherent naturalness of the original image.

Introduce about Candy Camera

Be stunning with natural and easy-to-use selfie editor!

Selfie, a both easy and hard work

We all know taking selfie photos is so simple and fast, but to get a selfie as you wish seems to be much more difficult than imagining. 

When taking a photo, you must choose the best face angle, go up and down the camera to show off the unique angles of your face, correct your posture properly, maybe you should pull your stomach a little, and arrange your hand to look beautiful. Keep your body in the best condition, and then click capture. Omg, it is not easy hah?

But that’s not over yet. You need to do a lot of post-production editing afterward to get a standard figure and a flawless face.

To make this process faster, more convenient, and less tedious, why not find a photo editing application that specializes in supporting selfies, like Candy Camera?

Candy Camera has a bunch of filters for selfies

Because it is designed specifically for taking selfies, Candy Camera’s filters have the same characteristics: being natural, clear, and help enhance the skin and physique of the subject in the photo.

With dozens of filters available in the application, you just need to load the photo into the application to edit or take one directly here, then go to the Filter section to edit it to your style. After that, you can get a satisfactory color selfie photo.

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When taking a selfie directly on Candy Camera, the application’s filters will automatically display in real-time. So, you can actively apply the filter on the photo from the beginning and then press capture to save time in post-processing. 

Beautify the skin, contour the face, and bring out the perfect figure

As a selfie editing application, Candy Camera focuses a lot on beautifying functions for users. There are a variety of editing tools in Candy Camera to help you get the selfie you love: slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara!

You can use these features to make your face fuller or thinner, brighten your skin, cover your flaws, lengthen your legs, slim your arms or waist. These features are all very easy to use. Just select and swipe on the screen to get a satisfactory body detail. To those who are meticulous, they can edit every part of their face and body. The beauty of Candy Camera is a dedicated editing function according to the user’s wishes without losing your inherent natural beauty. Rest assured the perfect person in the photo is still you, lol.

In Candy Camera, there are many different types of stickers that you can use to insert into your selfies. These stickers are updated daily. They will turn your somewhat monotonous photo into a cute, lovely, and personable portrait.

Silent camera feature, you will no longer feel embarrassed when taking selfies

One of the sensitive points of taking selfies in public is the sound of the camera every time you shoot. If you don’t want outsiders to see you’re taking a selfie, you can use the subtle Silent Camera feature in Candy Camera to take a selfie at any time, anywhere. From now on, you won’t feel shy every time you take a selfie.

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Photo collage feature

Sometimes you have too many selfies and they look quite similar. Putting them together on a lovely background is also a way to make things new and unique. With the Collage feature in Candy Camera, you’ll do it quickly, easily with lots of options.

MOD APK version of Candy Camera

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

Download Candy Camera APK & MOD for Android

Taking selfies from now on seems to be much easier, simpler, and more convenient. And to get a standard face and body in every frame, you just need to download Candy Camera and use it.

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