Can You Clear All Data and Past Memories in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist? – Answered

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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is all about reliving your life time and time again. But what if we want to go all the way back to zero, when all the initial shock and horror of its pretty but ruthless world is in full effect? It happens to be more than doable if you are wanting for a new game once more after having completed everything. Sometimes creating a new challenge to see how things can turn out differently on your first playthrough is all the reason you may need to replay the game once again. Talk about replay value!

How to clear all data and past memories in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

To clear all data and past memories in the game to make for a fresh start and full reset before the past lives and call backs are in full effect, there are a few steps to it – at least a few more for PC than the Switch.

For Switch, the option is always present whenever you open up the System. Select either the Load or Save options and right below the save/load slots, two more options can be seen. Depending on what your intentions are, select Clear Past Memories to remove all memories of past lives. This does not change or remove the settings or saved files. Achievements, collected cards, character profiles and endings are also not removed.

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For an entire whip of the game, select the other option of Clear All User Data. This will completely remove everything – saved files, memories, user settings, in-game achievements, screen cards, character profiles and endings. Select this to reset your game to the initial start-up.

For PC (Steam), follow the same instructions as above but ensure to have turned off your Steam Cloud since that is usually enabled by default. Afterwards, come out of the game and either uninstall the game completely and reinstall it, or simply delete its files found within the Steam and PC directory and rerun it once more.

That’s all you need to know about this answer in particular. If you need any further assistance, check out our extensive guide section on the game for more help!

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