Boku No Roblox Codes (August 2024)

Boku No Roblox codes

Boku No Roblox is a game inspired by the popular anime My Hero Academia. Boku No WIP is the game developer for the Roblox gaming platform. Players are born with special powers, which are known as quirks. Choose to side with evil or become a hero and destroy it and protect the world. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Boku No Roblox codes, which you can use to redeem for in-game items like cash.

New codes release at new game milestones, so be sure to check back frequently for new updates. The developers will release new codes when the game hits a certain number of likes, and it will usually reward in-game items like cash. Feel free to bookmark this page, so you are always up-to-date with the newest active and working Boku No Roblox codes. For other anime-inspired Roblox game codes, you can check out our guides for Shindo Life codes, King Legacy codes, and Anime Mania codes.

All Boku No Roblox codes

Last checked: August 29, 2024. No new codes but check back later.

  • ThanksFor570k! – Cash
  • Sc4rySkel3ton – 75,000 Cash
  • 1MFAVS – 25,000 Cash
  • newu1s – 50,000 Cash

Expired codes:

  • 300MVISITS – 30,000 Cash
  • man1f3st – 50,000 Cash
  • echoeyesonYT5K – 25,000 Cash
  • sh1ns0 – 50,000 Cash
  • bl4ckwh1p – 50,000 Cash
  • th4nky0u – 25,000 Cash
  • cl3ss1A – 50,000 Cash
  • mhaseason5 – 50,000 Cash
  • DessiNoRevamp – 25,000 Cash
  • m4ihats8me – 50,000 Cash
  • newyear2021 – 50,000 Cash
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How Do I Redeem Codes for Boku no Roblox?

Redeem codes in Boku no Roblox by tapping on the three bars on the left-hand side of the screen. Tap on the top clipboard icon to bring up the options menu. Look for the transparent window to the left of the options, and tap on it to bring it to the foreground. Look for and tap on the codes box at the bottom of the menu. Enter any working code into the box, exactly as shown above, and press the confirm button.

How do I redeem codes for Boku no Roblox?

Boku No Roblox FAQ

How to redeem codes for Boku No Roblox codes

To redeem codes in Boku No Roblox, start by launching the game on the Roblox experience platform. When you are in the game, tap on the menu button found on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the options button at the top of the menu, and then tap on codes. Enter any working code exactly as shown, and tap on the confirm button.

How do I get more Boku No Roblox codes?

To get codes for Boku No Roblox, you can follow the official Twitter account, join the Discord server, and follow the owners on YouTube. New codes release during new updates and when new game milestones are hit. You can also bookmark this page and check back daily for new codes. We do our best to maintain this list and only include the latest working codes.

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Game Description

Welcome to Boku No Roblox, a game inspired by the anime My Hero Academia. People are born with special powers known as quirks! Will you become a hero and protect the world, or will you become a villain and destroy it?

-UI Update
-Gear/Loot Update
-Special code “1MFAVS” for 25K cash!

Boku no Roblox Quirks:
Common Quirks: Engine, Voice, Gigantification, Hardening, Jet, Regeneration, Zero Gravity, Somnambulist, Navel Laser, Tail
Uncommon Quirks: Air Propulsion, Electric, Shock Absorption, Warp gate, Hell flame, Black hole, Permeation, Pop Off, Acid, Clones
Rare Quirks: Dark Shadow, Cremation, Quirkless, Muscle Augmentation, Decay, Creation, Frog, Orcinus, Manifest
Legendary Quirks: AFO, OFA, HHHC, Explosion, Overhaul, Fierce Wings
Mythic Quirks: DOFA, TAFO

Boku no Roblox Controls:
Q,Z,X,C,V,F-Quirk Skills
B-Weapon Skill
2x W,A,S,D,Space-Dash

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