Bistro Heroes 4.4.1 APK + MOD (One Hit, God Mode) Download

God Mode/One Hit features in Bistro Heroes MOD APK will help you destroy opponents in a blink of an eye. The enemies you face are no longer a fear when you can take their lives with just one attack.

Introduce about Bistro Heroes

Bistro Heroes is a fantasy role-playing game that contains exciting RPG elements and a novel storyline. Although it was only the debut of Team Tapas, a newly established game studio, it soon gained a reputation and made the list of the best games voted by Google Play editors. Let’s explore, which’s journey Bistro Heroes bring for you?


Bistro Heroes revolves around the story of the two main characters Coq au Vin and Ayran. When they left the noisy capital to go on a journey to find new things, they came to the countryside, where the most delicious and unique cuisine. However, when they decided to stay here to live and grow with a passion for food, they faced many problems. First, monsters in the forest are ravaging the village. In addition, they also face the problem of lack of food sources to prepare unique dishes. How do Coq au Vin and Ayran solve this? Follow them on their journey!

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The journey for Coq au Vin and Ayran begins at Silent Forest. They start at the edge of the forest, facing the goblin mushrooms and the fierce wild boars. However, with the strength of trained warriors since childhood, they have more than enough ability to win.

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The booty is a rich source of food, they can be mushrooms, the meat of those pigs. Sometimes, booty can also be other resources such as wood and energy so you can build areas for your restaurant.

Bistro Heroes mod apk 1024x576

But then, with the flow of the plot, new challenges gradually opened up. You will have to explore places deep in the forest, mysterious caves to the beach with cannibal fish. The characteristics of monsters have many changes, they are not only bigger, stronger but also very numerous.

In a map, after you pass the usual checkpoint, will lead to a special checkpoint, where the Boss resides. Although it is difficult to defeat them, the reward is well worth it! Seek help from other characters as well, don’t let Coq au Vin and Ayran take on all the responsibilities of developing that restaurant.


The journey to find food and resources for the home is more and more difficult. The two protagonists of this game will be difficult to fulfil their passion for restaurant development without help. Therefore, Bistro Heroes has added a series of heroes with unique abilities for you to invite them to join the warrior team.

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Limu, Fondue and dozens of other heroes will unlock as you pass special stages. Each of them has a unique story, which tell about their background, achievements and about the difficulties they have overcome, to create who they are today.

In addition, new abilities and costumes will be unlocked in the future too!

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The stories and battles of Bistro Heroes take place on beautiful 2D graphics. Team Tapas is trying to create simple, light but in-depth games and create interest for players. Bistro Heroes may have been successful, or at least leave something memorable in the hearts of anyone who has ever experienced it.

The characters are quite cute, the sound is soothing, there are birds singing expressing the peace. But sometimes, it also describes the severity of a battle with the sound of weapons, screams of the monsters. These combined with magic effects and lighting effects, look very vivid and beautiful.

MOD APK version of Bistro Heroes

MOD features

One Hit/God Mode: With this MOD feature, you become an invincible warrior with extremely high damage ability. Any monster or even the Boss can be killed with a single attack. Therefore, walking through that dark and dangerous forest was no longer a worry. Takedown all the monsters and bring food to your restaurant.

Download Bistro Heroes MOD APK for Android

Bistro Heroes has an interesting story and challenging RPG gameplay, right? You will have great entertainment time when you experience it. Download the game via the links we put below the article and start your journey now!

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