Biggest Sports Betting Wins in Canada

If you thought that casino games such as progressive slots and table games like poker tournaments generate the largest wins, think again. The world of sports betting has also been lucrative among punters. From horse racing to virtual fantasy game tournaments, nowadays sports betting portals offer more and more ways to win. 

Large Wins in Sports Betting

While Canada celebrates its entry into the world of legal sports betting, these online domains have been producing large wins since the early part of the millennium. With North American states gaining access to legalized online gambling early in the millennium, it is little wonder that large winners have hailed from this part of the world till now. For instance, an anonymous punter gained $14 million in riches when he placed a bet on a game between Houston Astros and LA Dodgers. It was in the 2017 World Series. The gambler placed his bet on six consecutive games through several bookies in Las Vegas.

Billy Walters is another instance of a lucky winner who won about $3.5 million in bets. He was known to win poker games. However, he hit the large jackpot when he betted on Super Bowl XLIV and made $3.5 million. 

A perfect example of winning from real money sports betting at online sportsbooks is that of Vegas Dave. He won a grand amount of $2.5 million from a bet of $140,000 that he placed on Kansas City Royals in the World Series. It was his second win that season, in the year 2015. He wagered the amount across 15 sportsbook casino websites which paid off as a strategy. 

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Canadian Wins Big

With sports betting becoming big in Canada in recent times, it will not be long before we see such wins made by Canadians as well. One such recent instance is a gambler who made a large win at the Sports Interaction website. He had placed a 10 parlay bet at this site where he combined bets on games of NFL, CFL, and NBA and of NCAA. He gained the crystal ball which got him the winning title. He was named Best Sports Gambler of the Month. He won at the odds of 60,000 to 1. 

The highest odds that he held in his bet parlay were 6.5 which was for the Bombers to get the victory with a score of 7 to 12. The other high odds which he held in his bet slip was that of the Oakland Raiders. Here his bet was that they win by a 6 to 10 points spread. The bet slip of 10 bets showed how he was able to turn a $1 bet into $60,000 accumulating all the wins. 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that he was surprised and shocked by his win. He feels that he was certainly blessed with this win since he does not gamble that often. He usually bets, just for fun and loves to watch the games. He did not think that the $1 he had betted on would get him wins over 60k. 

The win was a special one, especially because parlay bets are wagers which combine odds of many events. Also, for the parlay bet to give wins each bet has to be a win as well. A minimum number of bets that one can place in a parlay is two. The highest number, on the other hand, will differ as per the parlay bet designs of each sportsbook. The other specialty of parlay bets is that the more bets combined in it, the harder it is to get returns. However, returns are also higher in the resulting combination. 

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Sports Betting Gets Legal in Ontario

The way is paved for large wins in sports betting among Canadians. That is mainly because of the law that was passed in August 2021. It made betting in single-game sports legal in this province of the country. The C-218 bill was passed to allow wagers to be placed on single games. Provincial lotteries are already in place in the country. Ontario became the first province to make sports betting legalized. Even before this, sports bettors could place bet parlays but now there are no restrictions on single-game bets as well. Mobile wagering has also been allowed in this province. As a result, many large sports betting platforms have launched or plan to do so in this province. It will direct revenues to the local government and offer legal protection and conveniences to the gamblers.

How Canadian Gamblers Can Make Large Wins?

Till now the allowance was on bet parlays. As seen above, as per definition, bet parlays definitely decrease the odds of winning. However, as Ontario has opened up sports betting on single games, it is hoped that other regions will also follow suit. As a result, it will increase the chances of bettors making wins more easily. It will also attract more people to such platforms as local domains and familiar sports betting platforms set up their online presence.

Several sportsbook sites have already applied for licenses in this province. Many international sites are also expanding into this country. They bring forth sportsbooks as well as online casino offerings. It is legal for Canadians 19 years of age or older to register at these sites. The registration process is easy, allowing one to set up a valid account within hours. Once identification documents are validated, a Canadian resident can easily deposit money using their local currency. Canadian sites offer local and popular banking, UPI and eWallet options. Hence, all that one needs to do is link any of such payment methods to their existing account. Once the account link is established, regulations will ensure that your funds are deposited safely. 

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After one makes a deposit, it is easy to start placing bets. Many sportsbooks of repute offer local, international sports events to be betted upon. With a variety of bets and bonuses on offer, one can hedge their chances of wins accordingly. Most sites offer cash-backs to help minimize the losses. 

With sports betting making it legal and easy to bet on single games, it won’t be long when large winners will hail from Canada. 

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