Bhop GO 207 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

Bhop GO is a simulation game based on a jump technique in CS:GO. In the game, you transform into a soldier whose task is to jump and move through many different maps to reach the final destination of the scene.

Introduce about Bhop GO

Just holding weapons for fun, what you need to do is jumping over obstacles!

First of all, I would like to clarify that Bhop GO is not a first-person shooter FPS game. If you don’t know, Bhop stands for Bunny Hop, a move technique for players in CS:GO. It helps you move faster based on jumping, making it difficult for the opponent to aim at you.

Your real mission when playing Bhop GO is jumping, not fighting

In the game, you are a soldier, also armed with weapons. But your main task is to overcome obstacles and go through scenes with extremely difficult terrain where with just a minute of carelessness, you can fall into a hole or an abyss or fall halfway into the sky and have to start over that scene. You have no enemies, nor need to bombard anything. And the weapon you hold in your hand is just for fun. In general, this is not a shooting or fighting game.

Bhop GO for Android 1440x810

Such are the immediate and short-term tasks. There is a deeper, more human meaning behind it. According to the manufacturer, Bhop GO is where you practice your jumping skills through the scene, so that you can later participate in FPS shooting and fighting games with no more surprise. Also, you may have a steel spirit to be confident in all kinds of terrain in any game in the future.

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Bhop GO’s gameplay is only jumping, but you can die at any time

First, when entering the game, you will choose a soldier and a weapon (just for making color only) and choose whether or not to see the soldier’s arm? When you’re done, there will be two simulated buttons on the screen. The left is for left, right, up, and down movement, the right is Jump operation. You just need to touch on these two buttons to control your entire character.

The game has hundreds of different types of maps and scenes depending on your preferences and choices. The general rule remains the same: jump to overcome distances or overcome obstacles. From time to time along the way, you will come across cool accessories and equipment that make your journeys a little easier such as high jump, parachutes… My big note when playing this game is: Your soldier’s running speed will increase, faster and faster that you cannot slow down even just a bit. So, when entering any terrain, it is necessary to prepare a very cold head to be alert to the scene coming to you and to act as quickly as possible.

Bhop GO MOD APK download 1440x810

You also need to avoid falling into the obstacles as they will slow down the jump and you’ll be cornered quickly. Along the way, you should visit the rest stops (also called checkpoints). Here you have time to relax a bit, calm down and continue reading the map to see what’s coming. If you are playing and see a coin on the way, just take it, because it will help you unlock weapons and have a few more cool items to help with the next journey.

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As for Bhop GO, I prefer the single-player mode with the AI (online and offline), because the map “force” is countless. While playing multiplayer mode, there are only a few scenes, most of which are surfing together to create competition and not be limited by space.

Graphics and sound

As for the sound, I don’t have much to say because most of the background music is gentle, quiet. Maybe it’s for the player to fully concentrate on going to the scene.

Bhop GO screenshot 1440x810

But for the graphics, there are 1001 things to say. Bhop GO has scenes that give me goosebumps. Not because of the dark horror like some scary ghost games, nor because many sharp obstacles are waiting to kill you, but because of the haunting feeling when looking at the space around. Everyone has fears, for me, I’m afraid of heights and big spaces. So, playing this game to write this review is really a challenge for me. There are scenes like walking on a road through hellfire. I was very scared. I could not imagine what would happen next if I fell below there. Then because of being scared, I felt my feet were more cowardly, I didn’t dare to jump, or jump fail so I died a few times. But that obsession is stretched, seemingly endless, and repeated with increasingly heavier levels through the play scenes. Gruuuu! what a very intense experience!

If you have mastered this skill, download CSGO Mobile to practice.

MOD APK version of Bhop GO

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You will start the game with 999999999 gold. Buy your equipment and get ready for battle!

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Download Bhop GO MOD APK for Android

For those of you who are tougher and not haunted by such scenes, playing Bhop GO is a great choice to practice manipulation and exercise your eyes. The graphics are so beautiful that I am so obsessed. The character’s movement is soft and flexible. The faster the speed, the higher the challenge. Let’s play it then let me know how you feel. I’m too scared to play anymore.

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