Best Xbox One Adult Games 2024 That You Can Play Right Now

There aren’t many adult games on home consoles that you can find. Microsoft, like Nintendo and Sony, has stricter rules when it comes to sexual and sexy games appearing on their home consoles. That said there are some you can enjoy. These are the best adult games on Xbox One that you can play right now.

Keep in mind, like we said, traditional adult, sexy and sexual games don’t really exist on the Xbox One and especially the Xbox One which lacks a lot of Japanese games that support this type of fanservice that occasionally appear on the PlayStation 4.

If you have a PC, you can find many, many more adult games than what is available on the Xbox One. So keep this list of games in mind if you’re finding the Xbox One’s options to be lacking.

Dead or Alive 6

Best Xbox One Adult Games 2024

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It really is slim pickings for Xbox One owners when it comes to games with heavily suggestive sexy and sexual themes, but thankfully for those thirsty for it, but are without a PC there are games like Dead or Alive 6 that come through in the clutch.

Dead or Alive 6 is a fighting game through and through but there is a ton of fanservice, exaggerated physics when it comes to the female character’s bodies, and sexy outfits to customize your characters with.

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In fact, collecting sexy outfits and dressing up your characters to see them fight in the way that’s most visually appealing to you is arguably just as important a part of the game as anything else.

Fanservice is a heavy part of the Dead or Alive 6 experience and fortunately for fans of it, the game lives up to the franchise’s legacy of it.

Plus on top of all that, it’s a pretty solid fighting game worth playing through.

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