Best Demons to Recruit in Soul Hackers 2

If you’re gonna make a deal with a devil, make it a good one.

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Like just about any other Shin Megami Tensei game, Soul Hackers 2 features a massive bestiary of recruitable demons. While the best demons in the game will probably be the ones you put the time into yourself, there are definitely some objectively good demons that you’ll definitely want to get on your side should the opportunity present itself. Here are some of the best demons to recruit in Soul Hackers 2.

Best Demons to Recruit in Soul Hackers 2

As we said, there are a lot of demons in this game, too many to list out at once. As such, this won’t be an exhaustive list, but rather a choice selection of utility-focused demons that you’ll encounter over the course of the game’s story. Our quality-tested selection of demons includes the following candidates:

  • Angel
  • Jack-o’-Lantern
  • Vasuki
  • Hell Biker
  • Silky
  • Vritra
  • Thunderbird
  • Decarabia
  • Titania


  • Base level: 13
  • Healing focus, starts with Dia and Patra
  • Good early-game healer and support


  • Base level: 20
  • Fire focus, starts with Agilao and Maragi
  • Classic Fire powerhouse, specializes in magic damage

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  • Base level: 37
  • Gun damage focus, starts with Stun Needle and Blast Arrow
  • Ranged attacker, good curveball for the occasional Gun-weak enemy
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Hell Biker

  • Base level: 37
  • Physical damage focus, starts with Torpor Strike and Charge
  • Slow-burn brawler, one of the earliest demons to start with Charge


  • Base level: 40
  • Ice and support focus, starts with Bufudyne and Mediarama
  • Shift hitter, greater as both an Ice-nuker and a support
Image via Atlus/Sega


  • Base level: 49
  • Elec focus, starts with Ziodyne, Mazionga, and Bamboo Slice
  • High INT and VIT make for a sturdy Elec specialist


  • Base level 53
  • Elec focus, starts with Ziodyne, Maziodyne, and Sukukauto
  • An alternative to Vritra, not as strong, but has higher AGI for dodging and targeting


  • Base level 54
  • Almighty and defense focus, starts with Tetrakarn and Megidola
  • Secret weapon, puts up shields or deals powerful non-element damage


  • Base level 54
  • Healing focus, starts with Diarahan, Mediarahan, and Bufudyne
  • Straight upgrade from Silky, one of the best bedrock healers in the game

Remember, the key to getting the best demons possible is creative fusion. Even if you recruit a really powerful demon like one of these, they won’t show their full potential until you mash ’em up into something bigger and better. Don’t be afraid to fuse your demons once they’ve learned all of their moves; worst-case scenario, you can always call them back from the Compendium for a fee.

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