Best Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2

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In Soul Hackers 2, Ringo’s personal COMP was made from scratch by Aion. This means that it’s more of a rough approximation of a demon-summoning computer than a regular one, and as such provides some unusual (but very helpful) abilities when customized. Here are some of the best Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2.

Best Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2

Not long into Soul Hackers 2’s story, the COMP customization store, COMP Smith, begins offering special upgrades to Ringo’s COMP known as Commander Skills. These skills are special abilities that only Ringo can activate during any of her party members’ turns to completely turn the tide of battle. They can be a little pricey to install, but they’re totally worth it.

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If you’re on a budget, though, there are some Commander Skills that you should definitely prioritize obtaining over others. COMP Smith gets new Commander Skills throughout the story alongside its regular inventory updates, so you don’t need to get preceding Commander Skills in order to get new ones. When you see one you want, just grab it (as long as you have the cash and materials).

With that in mind, you should prioritize getting the following four Commander Skills:

  • Conversion
  • Master Conversion
  • Damage Condenser
  • Reboot


Allows you to change one ally’s equipped demon, one-turn cooldown. This one’s a no-brainer; you’ll definitely run into situations where your equipped demon isn’t right for the job, so you’ll need this to switch them out on the fly.

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Master Conversion

Allows you to change every party member’s equipped demon, four-turn cooldown. A straight upgrade from Conversion, Master Conversion lets you completely rework your party’s build on the fly. Good for multi-phase boss fights, or just when you accidentally put a really lousy setup together.

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Damage Condenser

Focus all of the damage from the next Sabbath on a single target, four-turn cooldown. This one’s great for boss fights or Dangerous Encounters. Rather than wasting all the damage from a Sabbath spreading it out to small fries, you can focus all of that nastiness on a single target to take a big bite out of them.


If two or more party members are down, will revive them with full health, can only be used once per battle. This is your proverbial “get-out-of-jail-free card.” If you really, really botch an encounter, Reboot will save you one time from a total party wipe, provided Ringo’s alive to use it.

Remember, you can buy Commander Skills for Ringo alongside her regular COMP upgrades at COMP Smith. In fact, you should consider prioritizing the acquisition of new Commander Skills before regular upgrades unless you really need a stat boost or something.

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