Bear And Breakfast Delayed On Switch Due To Controller Issues

2024 07 15 16 25 40 Bear And Breakfast

Bear-d news for bear fans, as developer Gummy Cat announced today that their upcoming hotel management sim Bear and Breakfast would be delayed on the Switch because “playing with a controller did not feel as good as we wanted”.

The ursine game was due to come out on July 28th, making this delay a rather late one, but no doubt a vital one. Here’s Gummy Cat’s full statement:

While working on the little bear game, we realized that playing with a Controller did not feel as good as we wanted, and it needed more time in the oven. We want the game to be as good as possible for all our players on every platform.

With that in mind, we are announcing that Bear and Breakfastโ€™s launch on the Switch is being delayed.

We are working very hard to finish the extra work, with our goal being to release the game on the Switch as soon as possible, sometime within the next couple of months at most. The game will still launch on PC via Steam on July 28th. However, Controller Support on the PC version of the game will also come at a later date, within the same time frame.

Luckily, the delay seems to be going down well with fans, as Gummy Cat later posted:

We’ll keep you updated when we get a new release date!

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