Beacon Pines Combines Woodland Critters And Twin Peaks On Switch This September

If Cult of the Lamb has been whetting your appetite for cutesy-meets-creepy, then wrap your peepers around Beacon Pines, an upcoming storybook-like game about a small town with an unfolding mystery.

Does that sound like Twin Peaks/Night in the Woods/Life is Strange/[insert Netflix TV show here] to you? Good! Weird towns are one of the flavours du jour, and we’re not complaining!

You’ll be playing as Luka, a little anthropomorphic deer who accidentally stumbles on something strange happening at their town’s old warehouse. With his friends, he’ll get to sneak out late, discover hidden truths, and make decisions that can change the events of the world.

What makes Beacon Pines unique is The Book, which allows you to navigate the game’s various branches and story trees to rewrite the past and change everything for the better… or worse.

Beacon Pines For Nintendo Switch

Beacon Pines will be launching on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC on September 22nd, for $19.99. It will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Do you love games about tiny towns with supernatural weirdness? What’s your favourite? Tell us in the comments…

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