Bangladesh regulator lowers LPG prices by 4%

In an order issued on Monday, BERC fixed the price of LPG per kg, including VAT, at Tk 98.17, a decrease of Tk 4.15 per kg, or 4%. The price was Tk 102.32 per kg in December.

Accordingly, the price of a 12 kg cylinder came down to Tk 1,178 from Tk 1,228. Consumers, therefore, can save Tk 50 per cylinder. 

The new price will take effect from 6 pm on Monday, the commission said. 

LPG price was cut in December, after five months of consecutive price hikes.

This is the second time the price has dropped, following a decrease in the price of propane and butane set by Saudi CP.

According to the announcement, the prices of propane and butane in January are fixed at $740 and $210 respectively, and the price of the propane and butane mixture is fixed at $720.50.

The exchange rate for the US dollar has been calculated at Tk 85.85.

According to the lowered price, the LPG price chart will be as follows:


Retail price

5.5 kg

Tk 540

12 kg

Tk 1,178

15 kg

Tk 1,473

16 kg

Tk 1,571

18 kg

Tk 1,767

20 kg

Tk 1,963

22 kg

Tk 2,160

25 kg

Tk 2,454

30 kg

Tk 2,945

33 kg

Tk 3,240

35 kg

Tk 3,436

45 kg

Tk 4,418


While the price of reticulated LPG stands at Tk 94.94 in January, the price of Autogas, or LPG used in vehicles, has been fixed at Tk 54.94 per litre.

LPG price is fixed every month based on Saudi CP, VAT and the exchange rate of the US dollar, BERC Chairman Abdul Jalil said in a virtual press briefing.

For government LPG, the price will remain unchanged as these factors do not count, he said.

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