Bangla Miss You SMS 2022- Miss You SMS For GF, BF & Husband

Bangla Miss You SMS 2022-  Today we have come in front of you with a huge collection of Bangla Miss You SMS. Sending SMS to our nearest and dearest friends is a part in our daily life. We like to send SMS to express our thoughts with others. When you are alone, you must miss some. It can be your friends, your girlfriend, your husband or any other dearest person. In addition we have added a collection of unique MISS You SMS for you.

Bangla Miss You SMS 2022

Are you missing someone who is far away from you ? Then you must want to share your feeling which is come from your heart. But most of us have not the creativity. For the purpose we are unable to make missing SMS. Do not worry about it. Because we have added some unique MISS You SMS for you. We hope that by sending those SMS you can easily satisfy receivers hearts.

টিপ টিপ বৃষ্টিতে অভিমান ঝরছে
ঝুম ঝুম শব্দে কি যেন বলছে
রিমঝিম হৃদয় টা উদাস কেনো হচ্ছে
বৃষ্টি ভেজা মনটা তোমাকেই মিস করছে ।

আমি যতই বেস্ত থাকি, তোমার কথা মনে রাখি
খুলে দেখো দুটি আখি, নীল আকাশে উড়ছে পাখি
পাখিরা সব গেয়ে শুনায়, আমি যে মিস করছি তোমায় ।

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পরাজিত মনটা তোমাকে ভাবতে ভাবতে কখন যেন কোথায় হারিয়ে যায়…
যত কষ্ট দাও তোমাকে ভুলতে পারছি না ।।

Bangla Miss You SMS in Banglish

Some device do not support Bangla Front. So, it is a very big problem for us. Suppose, you have sent an SMS to someone in Bangla Front but he/she will not read the SMS. In addition we added some Bangla Miss You SMS in Banglish.

tip tip bristyte oviman jhorche,
jhum jhum shobde ki jani bolsa,
rimjim hridoy ta udas keno hocche,
Bristy veja monta tomakei mis korche….

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Ami jotoi besto thaki, tomar kotha mone rakhi.
Khule dekho duti ahki, Nil akase urche pakhi.
Pakhira sob geye shonay, Ami J mis korchi tomay…

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Porajito monta tomake vabte vabte kokhon jeno kothao hariye jay,
Joto kosto dao tomake vulte parchi na….

Bangla Miss You SMS For Girlfriend

Do you have Girlfriend ? Then you must looking for Miss You SMS. Love is more beautiful when you will miss your Girlfriend. When we

Ami Tomake Chara Bachbona Bolechile Hajar Bar.
Sarthopor er Moto Thik E Beche Acho Ami Dukhe Dukhe Morchi Bare Bar.
Tobuo Jodi Kono Din Pore Amay Mone.
Tobe Chole Eso Tumi. Bashbo Valo Sey Purono Onuvobe.

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Jhonak jole Goviir rate, Kotha boli chader sathe
Chad ke boli Chupti kore Javi tui priyar ghore,
Giye tui bolbe tare, ei mon take miss kore.

O Pran Pakhi Acho Kothay, Amar Mon Je Khuje tomay.
tomar Dekha Na Pele Monta Hocche Dishe Hara.
Korchi Sudhu Miss, ekbar Dekha Dis. “I Miss You”

Keno tumi Shopne Ese Venge Daw Ghum ?
Keno tumi Kadaw Amay Ratri Nizum ?
Keno Asho Bar Bar Moner Anginay ?
Sotti Ki tumi Bujhona, Kotota Miss Kori Ami tomy ?

Bangla Miss You SMS For Boyfriend

At present time all of us involved with a relationship. Girls in our country like to send their feelings with their lovers. As a result they are looking for Bangla Miss You SMS For BF. Here we present a huge collection of Bangla Miss You SMS for your Boyfriend.

Ekhono tomay khuji hajar loker vire ,
Ekhoni tumi acho amar hridoy jhure ,
hridoy jhure osthirota ekhono ami bujhi ,
ekhono ami lokaloy chere nirjonotay tomakei khuji.
——-i miss you—–

Jokhon tomake mone pore tokhon takiye thaki akaser dike..
vabi tumi dure geleo ek akaser niche to achi..
jani kokhono fere asbe na tarpor o tomar ashay poth cheye thaki…….
Vishon miss kori tomake…..

Onek Miss Kori Mon Pakhi tore.
Kothay Achis Kemon Achis, Bolna Amare.
Sunte Ecche Kore tor Oi Misty Shur.
Bolna Pakhi tui Kothay Achish Koto Dur ?

Khub Miss Kori Take, Je Kono Gurutto Deyna Amake,
Khub Mone Pore Take, Je Sob Somoy Vule Thakte Chay Amake,
Khub Valobashi Take Je Bujhe’o Bujhe Na AmaKe.

Bangla Miss You SMS For Husband

Do you miss your husband when he is not at home?  As a wife the moment is very boring for you. But you can express your feelings by sending SMS to your husband. If you are looking for miss you sms for husband, then you can get latest and best romantic heart touching miss you sms for your hubby.

My world becomes monochrome when I hug you goodbye in the morning until you return home in the evening when it becomes colorful again. I miss you.

I miss you like crazy.
I miss you terribly.
Every hour of every day.
No matter what I say or do.
I am not getting over you.

I’m not sure what life could bring you.
I’m not sure if dreams do come true.
I’m not sure what love can do.
But I’m sure about one thing.
I miss you and will continue to
miss you more with every passing day.

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Our life is long Time..!
We meet for short Time..!
You will be in my heart at any Time..!
My heart.
I’m missing you.

I miss you.
Every Moment. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. Every Week. Every Month. Every Year.
Every Centenary.
The truth is I miss you all the time!

I miss my childhood;
I miss my school Days.
I miss my school friends;
I miss those beautiful vacation;
I miss golden moments of my Life
But most of all, I miss you too much.

Last Words

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We share the best Bangla Miss You SMS 2022 collection with you. We hope that sending those SMS you will get a huge response from the receivers. Even, they will surprised and their hearts may be satisfied with joy. Thank you.

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