Bangla Good Night SMS- শুভ রাত্রি এস এম এস

Bangla Good Night SMS- Make every night beautiful by sending Good Night SMS with your friends. We always like to share our thoughts with our friends and family. At night we take rest and go for sleep. Before sleep we want to amaze our partners hearts by sending SMS. In addition we have presented a huge collection of Banglad Good Night SMS. Lets see it.

Bangla Good Night SMS

We are Bangladeshi. So, our mother tongue is Bangla. We feel very comfort if we send the SMS in our language. If you share those SMS with your special person , she/will surprise and feel very happy. Lets check Bangla Good Night SMS.

মিষ্টি মিষ্টি রাত, আকাশে নেই চাঁদ
মেঘে ঢাকা আকাশ, ঠাণ্ডা ঠাণ্ডা বাতাস
ঘুমিয়ে গেছে পাখি, মিটি মিটি আলো দেয় জোনাকি ।
তোমাকে জানাই ** শুভ রাত্রি ****

জ্যোৎস্না ভরা চাঁদের আলো,
বন্ধু তুমি থেকো ভালো,
রাত্রি এবার অনেক হলো,
ঘুম আমায় জানিয়ে দিলো ।
*** গুড নাইট ***

রাত মানে গভীর নেশা, স্বপ্ন দেখার আশা,
রাত মানে লুকিয়ে থাকা, উষ্ণ ভালোবাসা,
রাত মানে চোখটি বুজে, সৃতির মোড়ক খোলা,
রাত মানে তোমায় আমার ‘শুভ রাত্রি’ বলা ।

রাতের পাখিরা পাখনা মেলে, ডাকছে তোমায় মিষ্টি সুরে,
উঁকি দিয়ে চাঁদের আলো, বলছে তোমায় রাত্রি হলো,
আকাশ দেশের নীল পরিরা, বলছে এবার ঘুমিয়ে পড়।
**** শুভ রাত্রি ****

চোখ দুটি বুজে ফেলো অনেক হলো রাত,
কালকে আবার চোখ মেলে দেখবো সুপ্রভাত,
সারারাত ঘুমের মাঝে স্বপ্ন দেখো খুব,
অনেক রাত হলো এবার দাও ঘুম সাগরে ডুব ।
**** শুভ রাত্রি ****

Bangla New Good Night SMS

Usually we like to share something special in each night to our friends and family. There are some people who have creativity to write poems. So, they can write special SMS themselves. But most of us do not have this creativity. In addition we are here to help those people. Because we have attached a huge collection of Banglad Good night SMS. So. lets enjoy every night with this best SMS wishes.

সকাল গেলো দুপুর গেলো, বিকেল শেষে সন্ধ্যা গেলো,
এখন গভীর রাত্রি, বন্ধু বিদায় জানাই, জানাই শুভ রাত্রি,
গভীর ঘুমে স্বপ্ন লোকে, হয় যেন মিষ্টি,
নতুন প্রভাতের সন্নিকটে জানাই শুভ রাত্রি ।

Good Night SMS For Girlfriend

Wishing your girlfriend good night is a custom that many men have. If you want to vary the messages you usually send, here are some ideas to make your loved one dream.

:: “My life, it is time to sleep, I hope you immerse yourself in a deep sleep that will be cared for by the angels, one of them is me. Rest my love, I will prepare everything so that our meeting tomorrow will be unforgettable. I love you”.


:: “My dear, I am sending you this message to wish you good night and not only that, but also to remind you how much I love you and that you can never forget it. I hope you dream beautiful things and that you wake up with a smile on your face. I love you”.


:: “Love, I would like to be there with you to kiss you good night, but unfortunately it is not possible. That is why I send you this message and many kisses and hugs that I will give you tomorrow. I can’t wait any longer for the moment to meet again, I adore you ”.


:: “Although we are separated now, I know that in our dreams we will meet and both will wake up with hearts full of joy and energy to face a new day. I love you, rest very well tonight ”.

Good Night SMS For Boyfriend

Are you looking for the best good night messages for your girlfriend ? When you have a girlfriend you want to share the best thought with her. And so you look for best SMS to dedicate her.

We want to say the most beautiful words to you from the beginning to the end of the day and that is why this time we bring you a few romantic phrases to dedicate to your girlfriend when she is about to go to bed to dream.

Take a look at all of them, you will see that in each of them you will find romantic good night messages to show your love .

:: “It is your love that motivates me and fills me with happiness every day of my life. Thank you for being the fuel that gives movement and direction to my life.


Rest, my love , that tomorrow will be a new day and I want to spend it with you. I hope you dream very beautiful things ”.

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:: “I love spending all day with you, and although it saddens me that the moments by your side are not infinite and there is always the night that separates us, I know that it is just a pause to all this happiness we have together. Tomorrow I will be by your side again to fill you with my love. Sweet dreams, my princess ”.


Good Night SMS in Banglish

Misty misty rat, akashe nei chad.
Meghe dhaka akash, thanda thanda batash
Ghumiye geche pakhi, miti miti alo dey jonaki.
Tomake janai “Suvo Ratri”

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Jhosna vora chader alo,
Bondhu tumi thako valo,
Ratri ebar onek holo,
Ghum amay janiye delo.
“”” Good Night “”””

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Rat mane govir nesha, sopno dekhar asha.
Rat mane lukiye thaka ushno valobasa.
Rat mane chokhti buje sritir morok khola.
Rat mane tomay amar “Shuvo Ratri” bola.

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Rater pakhira pakhna mele dakche tomay misti sure,
Uki diye chader alo bolche tomay ratri holo,
Akash desher nil porira bolche ebar ghumiye poro..

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Chokh duti bujhiye felo onek holo rat.
Kalke abar chokh mele dekhbe suprovat.
Sararat ghumer majhe sopno dekho khub.
Onek rat holo ebar dau ghum sagore dub.
Good Night, have a sweet dream.

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Last Words

We have added a huge collection of Bangla Good Night SMS. So, you may copy the SMS from here and share those SMS with your friends and family. Thank you.

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