AU Reborn Codes (August 2024)

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If you’re not familiar with a certain subset of fan lingo, an AU, or “alternate universe,” is when you take the characters from something and place them in a situation or setting that’s distinct from their usual one. You see this a lot in fanfiction and fan games, including Roblox games like AU Reborn. Speaking of which, if you wanna get the most out of your AU experience, then try using some AU Reborn codes.

AU Reborn Codes

The following codes and their rewards are confirmed to be active as of August 24, 2024:

  • !code 40klikes – Free Cash and Tokens (New)
  • !code 30klikes – Free Cash and Tokens (New)
  • !code 20klikes – free rewards 
  • !code 30klikes – free rewards 

Meanwhile, the following codes and their rewards are confirmed to be expired and inactive as of the same date shown above:

  • !code 5klikes – Free Cash and Tokens
  • !code 10klikes – Free Cash and Tokens

How to Use AU Reborn Codes

To use codes in AU Reborn, all you need to do is enter them into the regular chat window. The “!code” part functions as a command, so as long as you add that before the code, it’ll parse properly.

Simply launch AU Reborn, click the chat window or press the / key to open it, and paste in the command and code. Press Enter, and you’ll receive your reward instantly. If it doesn’t work, try relaunching the game; you may have ended up on an outdated server.

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We’ll be keeping a running record of all AU Reborn codes, past and present, on this page, so keep us bookmarked! If you think we’ve missed something, though, you can check out the developer’s Twitter page for regular updates or join the game’s official Discord channel.

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