Aquapark.io 4.9.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Download

Aquapark.io MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – How is your weather going? Sun, wind, thunderstorm or tornado? Particularly in my hometown, the weather is encapsulated in the word “hot”. Terribly hot! The summer sunshine like to burn down the life of my city. The water park is quite far from my home, and I’m also very lazy. So the only way I can do is open the air conditioner and play aquapark.io!

About Aquapark.io

Welcome to the funniest water park in the world. aquapark.io is the Voodoo publisher ‘s most exciting water slide game – The big publisher who created the most simple but funny games. The game will simulate an incredibly cool, attractive water park, promising to become a favorite vacation destination for those who don’t know where to go this summer. Launching “right game at the right time”, the new game of Voodoo has achieved the top 1 in trending with over 5 million downloads on Google Play after only 2 weeks of launch. That impressive!

The race is extremely funny

If you’ve ever gone to a water park before, you probably know the water slide game. Basically, the mechanism of aquapark.io is similar to that game. However, the difference between the game and the real life is that you will participate in a race with many others to see who slipped into the pool below first.

At all swimming pools in the world, the slide always has to be really secure, guests will never be thrown off the slide, at least. However, this is not true in aquapark.io water park. The slide here are specially designed, they have many spiral shapes from top to bottom. By thrown out of the slide and subtly controlling it, you can completely land on the lower and closer finish line. Besides, don’t hesitate to give your opponent a push so they can fly off the track, which is an effective way to win.

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Your only goal is the finish line, no one evaluates your playing process if you win. You can play bad with tricky, nobody cares, as long as you are top 1, you are the champion. But be careful! Other players can do the same with you.

Challenging players worldwide

It can be said that aquapark.io is a big step for Voodoo in online games. Because, the entertainment games that this publisher released is extremely attractive, but lacks the ability to communicate with players around the world. Tigerball, Blast Ball or even Helix Jump are typical examples of this.

But, from now on, everything will be different. Players from all countries will be able to join an amazing race on a giant water slide. More amazingly, the capacity of the track will reach 16 people.

Some tips, tricks

Always pay attention below: aquapark.io is divided into many different types of gutters, the number is extremely diverse. However, there are slides that seem to be very long, but you can complete the track by taking shortcuts when jumping out of the chute.

Don’t be too illusory: although it is true that this game distorts the laws of physics in the direction of aerial change, but do not think that you are a superman. When you fly out of the slide can only help you hover for a few seconds and move a short distance. Don’t aim for targets that are too far away if you don’t want to free fall!

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Never normal slide too long: a rare mistake but still exists in players of this game. Jumping is one of the essentials of this game. Frequently bouncing off the slide after every turn to shorten the distance to your destination.

Stay away from obstacles: the obstacle on the track is the yellow jelly on the slide. They will cause you to slow down quite a lot. Make sure you can dodge it if you don’t want to lag behind the race.

Winning or being defeated: as I said above, it’s not only you who know how to play badly in aquapark.io. All players can give you a fatal push if you lose focus. There is no need to defeat all opponents but do it whenever there is a chance.

MOD APK version of Aquapark.io

MOD features

Download Aquapark.io MOD APK for Android

In the extreme heat of summer, there is no better than a water park. If you are too free or do not know where to go, just indulge yourself in the water park in aquapark.io. No need to go to the park, just lying on the sofa you can feel the joy of this funny water park.

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