Apex Legends Mobile Guide – 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here is our Apex Legends Mobile guide with some helpful tips and tricks. Play this fan favorite PC and console game now on your mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile was published worldwide on May 17th. It has been the most talked-about game among battle royale lovers since its release. With its character-based approach, futuristic weaponry, speedier gameplay, and rich terrain, the game takes a unique approach to the online multiplayer battle royale model. Apex Legends Mobile adds a new unique mode in addition to the battle royale that made the PC and console versions so popular.

In Team Deathmatch, two teams compete in a confined area to determine who can rack up the most kills first. This game differs somewhat from the original, which was released on consoles and computers years ago. Fortunately, the basic concept remains the same. To destroy the opposition and stay the last ones remaining on the battlefield, team up with other Legends and use each character’s distinctive powers. Here are some Apex Legends Mobile tips to help get started.

Apex Legends Mobile Beginner’s Guide

Understand The Controls

When you initially start the game, a section of the tutorial will ask you which controls you wish to use. You have the option of using the ‘Classic’ or ‘Apex’ controls. If you’ve ever played a mobile battle royale game, you’ll be familiar with the classic controls. The Apex controls are a more dynamic set of controls that may take some getting used to, but once you get beyond the training, you’ll find it much more efficient.After you’ve made your first decision, you may further tweak your options in the settings menu, so you should. You may make a variety of minor adjustments to ensure that playing the game seems as real as possible, based on your previous experience.

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Apex Legends Mobile 3 finger controls
3 Finger Controls 

Choose A Character Based On Your Playstyle

In Apex Legends Mobile, each Legend has unique skills that offer them an advantage in battle. You’ll have to figure out which character works best for you because we all have diverse playstyles. Currently, there are nine legends that can be played. Each of these legends is linked with a certain duty. The four roles are as follows:

  • Offensive Legends
  • Defensive Legends
  • Recon Legends
  • Supportive Legends

Every legend possesses two major skills: tactical and ultimate abilities. When compared to ultimate abilities, tactical abilities have a shorter cooldown and less power. As the name implies, ultimate ability delivers the ultimate ability.

List Of legends

Apex Legends Mobile Characters
Apex Legend Mobile Characters
Bangalore Anita Williams 38 Gridiron Smoke Launcher Rolling Thunder Offensive
Mirage Elliott Witt 30 Solace Psyche Out Life of Party Offensive
Octane Octavio Silva 24 Psamathe Stim Launch Pad Offensive
Wraith Renee Blasey 32 Typhon Into the Void Dimensional Drift Offensive
Gibraltar Makoa Gibraltar 30 Solace Dome of Protection Defensive Bombardment Defensive
Caustic Alexander Nox 48 Gaea Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Grenade Defensive
Lifeline Ajay Che 24 Psamathe D.O.C Heal Drone Care Package Supportive
Bloodhound Unknown Unknown Talos Eye of the Allfather Beast of the Hunt Recon
Pathfinder Unknown Unknown Unknown Grappling Hook Zipline Gun Recon

Practise, Practise, Practise

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch mode
Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends Mobile

Instead of an extended battle royale session, Apex Legends Mobile has a variety of additional modes to test out, including the Firing Range and a new instructional and training mode. The team with the most kills wins in Team Deathmatch, a 6v6 game format. Each squad may only have one of each Legend, and you can start with one of several weapons. Apex Legends Mobile offers two types of Team Deathmatch. The first features base spawns, whereas the second has random spawning.

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Perks Help You Level Up Rapidly.

Apex Legends Perks System
Perks System

The mobile game has a skill tree, which is one of the distinctions between the original game and Apex Legends Mobile. The different Perks on this skill tree will make your characters more strong and deadly.The perk system in Apex Legends Mobile allows players to acquire tokens that can be used on each character’s perk tree. The perk trees may be found in Apex Legends’ main menu under the Legends tab.Players will unlock additional choices such as perks, finishers, and powers as they spend tokens and go further into each Legend’s specialised perk tree. Perks are essentially passive perks similar to those seen in Call of Duty games.

This was our Apex Legends Mobile Guide. The most important rule to remember when playing Apex Legend is to have fun. Have fun with your friends, make new friends through games, and experience the new Battle Royale at its best.

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