Anime Hero Simulator Codes (August 2024)

Anime Hero Simulator
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Anime Hero Simulator is an experience created by Hypercord for the Roblox app. In the game, players can jump into the world of their favorite anime, collecting swords and heroes that can be used in battle!! It’s a relatively new entry to the field of anime-battlers on Roblox, but as of writing, it’s attained nearly 4K likes in the time since its launch in mid-January. So, because it’s new, we must ask: does the game have codes?

All Anime Hero Simulator Codes

Last Checked: August 11, 2024.

If you’re looking for Anime Hero Simulator codes, you’re in the right place! We here at Gamer Journalist have compiled a list of codes from across the internet! If all goes well, these codes will net players a ton of freebies that will make playing the game that much easier! Remember, these codes can expire at any time, so be sure to redeem ASAP! Bookmark this page to be the first to know when new codes are added!

Currently Active Codes

  • bigbucks – Redeem for a Coin Boost (New)
  • getrichquick – Redeem for a Coin Boost (New)
  • moneyglitch – Redeem for a Coin Boost (New)
  • sorry4wait – Redeem for a Damage Boost (New)
  • feelinglucky – Redeem for free rewards
  • RELEASE — Redeem for a Coin Boost!!

Currently Expired Codes

  • There are no expired codes!!

How to Get More Codes for Anime Hero Simulator?

It would seem that the developer, Hypercord, wants interested players to follow them on Twitter for more codes! Though, it stands to reason that codes could be posted in their discord server, as well as the official group on Roblox. Or, you could just bookmark this page! We’ll update frequently with new codes as they’re added, to save you of possibly missing some!

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How to Redeem Codes in Anime Hero Simulator?

To ensure you’re putting in codes correctly, follow these steps:

  • Open Anime Hero Simulator in the Roblox app.
  • Look to the left of the screen and you should see a SHOP button.
  • In the SHOP, you should see a button at the bottom with the TWITTER icon.
  • Input your codes in the space provided, then click REDEEM.

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