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Andrea Tantaros is a political analyst and writer for various publications. She has written for several right-leaning websites including the website Conservative Views and is an associate editor at Human Events. Andrea Tantaros was raised in Michigan and studied communications at Michigan State University. She is originally from Naples, Florida but now lives in Washington D.C.

Andrea Tantaros is well known as a fierce political contributor to right-leaning online media such as Town Hall. She has made numerous appearances on the popular podcast “Podcasters” including The Young Turks. Andrea Tantaros co-founded the political action arm of America Coming Together, which was part of the network of groups formed by Donald Trump and laced with controversial figures. Andrea Tantaros is also a contributor at the Center for Medical Insurance Research (CMIR) in New England. Through her role at CMIR she has had access to some of the most confidential medical information in the world and has used this information to help shape the policy and direction of 500 companies.

Andrea Tantaros has been working hard at being a formidable political commentator and Republican media consultant. Prior, to coming to work at Fox News she worked as a political analyst for the Senate Conservatives Fund. She has also been a contributor at the American Conservative Union Institute and the Independent Women’s Foundation. She served as communications director for the House Majority PAC, the main national political committee working to elect Republicans, and then as communications director for the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. Since joining Fox News in 2022 she has consistently given positive ratings when asked about her coverage of the Obama administration and has provided important advice to anchor viewers regarding how to react to certain news stories.

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Andrea Tantaros brings a strong and combative style to the role of a commentator on political campaigns. She is famous for her aggressive interviews and has been willing to speak her mind regarding some of the most controversial topics of the last election cycle. The coverage of the health care debate has allowed her to take this combative approach where she expresses confidence that Americans will not turn against their government if Obama is re-elected. She has repeatedly voiced her belief that the Obama administration has under-reached and that it will have to deal with an economic crisis next year, much like it did after the last Bush administration left office.

Celebrated Name: Andrea Tantaros
Real Name/Full Name: Andreana Konstantina Tantaros
Gender: Female
Age: 42 years old
Birth Date: 30 December 1978
Birth Place: Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.63 m
Weight: 56 Kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: No
Profession: Political analyst and commentator
Net Worth in 2022: $5 million
Last Updated: June 2022

Andrea Tantaros has built a large and loyal following on the Internet. One of the sources that she consistently receives high comments on her YouTube videos is her bio box at the bottom of each video. This allows those interested in supporting her financially to donate to her cause through PayPal. In the past two election cycles, she has successfully raised over three million dollars. The amount of money that she has garnered can be compared to many other political commentators who have much less following or media coverage.

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Whether you are a follower of political commentary or simply someone looking for an interesting person to follow on Twitter, you will find something interesting at Tantaros’ website. While she has not formally released any details on what she will be discussing in the coming months, she has expressed her desire to run for office again in four years. While no one can predict what political coverage will be found on a new channel launched by a celebrity or political contributor, it will be interesting to watch what she does and how her personality is reflected in her writings and videos.

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